Gachakaya/Sagargota/Gataran seeds anyone?


I am looking for about 6 kg of Gachakaya seeds for live fencing. Please let me know if you have a fence that yields some seed or if you know a place where the seed is available.


Hi Chandraji,
these Seeds will be available at Krishi Kranti kendra nagpur .

If anybody can carry it from nagpur for you I can ask my brother to buy it and handover .

If anybody from forum travelling by train or any other mode Nagpur to your destination it will helpful .

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Chandra,

You can contact Mr. Suresh from Karnataka his mobile number is 9845300212. you can pay him online and he can transport it to you. check out with him.


Hi agri_lover. I contacted Suresh nursery earlier and they have no stock. Thanks anyway.


Can Someone say me the price of the gachakaya seeds, I jus bought yesterday 500 Gms for testing in my field, the guy collected 200/- for 500 gms is gachakaya that expensive.


I paid 200 per kg from a nursery, but the price varies significantly from seller to seller.

If you manage to find a farmer who has the fence, it may be most economical to collect the seeds from him/her.

Hi Chandra,

Could you please let me know from which Nursery you have finally purchased Gachhakaya seeds? Also, please let me know if this is right time to plant or should we wait till rainy season? I’m also looking for planting Gachhakaya for live fence.


I got them parcelled from Rajesh Nursery in Dehradun +91 9458308998. Needed to follow up a bit until I received but got them nevertheless.
I think it is best to plant them during the rains.

I got my gacchakaya seeds from Mr Raghuram , who is a member of this forum (Sampadha Farms ).

Contact him over 09885170423 , 09848203647 .

I have sown the seeds just a couple of days back and awaiting the germination results.

If you are still in need of gacha kaya please let me know I can arrange for u,


I am looking for seeds of Gachakaya, any leads in this regard who can supply in Hyderabad would be of great help.

Please send PM if you wish to talk to me or I can reach you.

Hi guys,

I am looking for Gachakaya seeds … is there a place I can buy from in / around Bangalore?

Do help.


Thank you Sir what is the Cost of of Gachkaaya Seed per Kilo (Kg.) in Hyderabad.

What is the cost of 1kg gacchakayalu (fevernut) and where are they available, and are they available in khammam(Telangana) , please let me know.

I think you can have them transported from nursery sources above.
However I don’t recommend this plant anymore - grows haphazardly and the thorns are deadly :grimacing: