G9 Banana TC

Hi all,

I am Balkrishna from Kolkata. I was looking for advice on how to setup a G9 Banana Tissue Culture plant.

Aprox. 20000sq ft land, aprox. 20 lakhs investment and mainly market opportunity is required to start banana TC Lab.
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Hi Swamy,

Can you elaborate how to start Banana TC lab and which Govt department offer help and what is the requirement to see financial department.

Your knowledge in agriculture is invaluable, I will call you soon.


Where is your profile?

Thnx dns1807 for your reply. Plz excuse me if i commit any error in posting my querries as this is my first time on any forum. I can invest 20 -30 lacs ( even more if required)  & I also have around 60000 sq ft of land. Moreover, I understand that  the state govt also helps with subsidies. West Bengal & the seven states of the North Eastern India  have  a lot of banana plantation, & I plan to market my saplings in these area. I plan to do this on a bigger scale . Can you advise me how I should start with this & can you suggest any consultants who can help me set up this project ?

Dear sirs, Tissue culture lab is a very tuff agriculture industry where technicality, and precision requirement is more. It is an agri industry where we have to depend on technical personal much.            we will have have very less control on the staff. Untill and unless, you keep the bio-technologist,          and his team very comfartable,you can not get the things done. If your intension is only to make money ,you can go for tissue culture lab and if you want to make money as well as you want to        involve in the daily agri activities, it is very difficult, if you are not a technically qualified person              or very much experienced in tissue culture lab earlier. If not you have to be limited your self as a          new film producer ( first film producer, who just pays the money to whom ever required after some      one says to pay ). This i am telling as i know very many persons burnt their hands in Tissue culture        labs. If the main bio-technologist says good bye to your unit,the lab position is to be closed.It is very difficult to get an experienced lab technologist.Pl think twice and enter in to such industries. I also            suggest you,pl enter in to a correct agri industry,activity,you can flurish and there are lot of persons        to help you or you can appoint/take on consultancy, easily.best of luck,g.p.rao, farmer