G9 Banana & Red Lady 786 Papaya Plantation


I am planting around 1500 trees each of G9 Banana & Red Lady 786 Papaya in Jaipur in June.

Key factors for selecting these are:

  1. Fast Growth
  2. High Yield
  3. Stable Demand
  4. Stable prices

I request experts to suggest better varieties of Banana & papaya and also some other fruits which could be grown considering my factors.


You have already chosen the best. Do you have sufficient water? Both needs good supply of water.

Yes. Water is sufficient.
Can you also suggest some other fruits which have fast growth and can fetch good price?

1.Annona-(sitaphal)Needs three years. Arka Sahan developed by IIHR Bangalore. 100/kg in festival season.
2.Drumstick(shingi) 6 month Needs. Avg 35/kg. 80/kg in marriage season.
3.Passion fruit: needs 1 year. 10/Kg because people dont know what it is. The juice industry needs this as much as you supply.
4.Pomogranate: needs 3 years 120/Kg.


Thanks for your kind inputs.

I am also developing greenhouses for floriculture.

Flowers planned are Rose, Gerbera & Gladiolus.

Could you also guide on most suitable varieties?

Also, please share contact of a local expert if possible.


Please suggest good sources of G9 Banana Tissue Culture Plants in North India.


Sir, JAIN tissue banana plants of G9, one of the best, available from jalagaon area of Maharashtra,north india. g.p.rao.

Thanks for your response.

Jain has a minimum quantity of 9000-10000 plants whereas I require only 2000 plants.

Is Known You No. 1 better than Red Lady 786?

Know you is a seed supplier. They sell only RED Lady in Papaya.

Seeds costs 2000rs/10gms.

Thanks for your response.

I have recently come to know that G9 Banana cant stand excessive cold weather.

The weather at my farm drops to -1 degree celsius in winters and goes up to 49 degree celsius in summers.

Is Banana suitable for these conditions?

Dear Mr Alekh
You can get excellent quality 9 " high, guaranteed tissue culture G-9 banana sapling in Lucknow from us.The plants(any number, even 1 plant) shall be provided to you @12/-each plant(Without transportation arrangement from us).They are packed in poly bags and can withstand long journeys.Though initial shock shall affect them(which is natural for all plants) but after rest period of 10 days they shall become effective again.These crops can withstand severe cold(upto 1 degree Celsius) whereas papaya can not.In case you require G-9 plants pl write to us.Papaya requires temperature of 28 degree at the most through out its tenure.Any big deviation can adversely affect production of papaya.For banana pl plant in rainy season and harvest crop after 14 months.Min earning 4 lakhs per acre.
rcdixit(e mail:mprps08@hotmail.com) Mob;9956201856

Dear Mr.Alekh,

For smaller quantities of banana tc plants you can opt for tc plants grown in jiffy pellets.These plants are normally packed in carton boxes and dispatched by train or bus.You can avail it from Shree biotech Pune,KF biotech Bangalore or Plantek international Bangalore.


Rajendra kumar.

I doubt such saplings shall survive the rigors of skipped basic hardening step.Hardening is necessary for tc plants to bear the rough conditions of nature.

These are fully hardened plants (10 week old plants).Actually jiffy tc banana plants have more roots compared to polybag soil media plants.Rate of growth is faster in this.More than 10 million jiffy tc banana plants are planted every year in India.

The jiffy bananas with 10 weeks(9"high) will positively get hardened.What was understood was the small(minute & very tender) plants kept in frozen wide mouthed bottles in tc labs which are taken out under controlled conditions,planted in coco peat filled trays and subsequently shifted in poly bags for plantation purposes.

pic=2078.msg11298#msg11298 date=1373210061]
These are fully hardened plants (10 week old plants).Actually jiffy tc banana plants have more roots compared to polybag soil media plants.Rate of growth is faster in this.More than 10 million jiffy tc banana plants are planted every year in India.

Thank you Bhayya Alekh.
The Present scenario BANANA Cultivation is GOOD Provided sufficient  water is there.You go for Only Grand -9 Veriety which is the Time tested  Veriety.One Can get a Minimum Income of Rs.1.50 Lakhs/Acre provided  one Planted GRAND NINE  Variety of  Tissue Culture Plants from a Reputed Farm Nursery. The Main thing is you Plant it during October-December .If you Plant during the above Period the Harvesting will be during Festival seasons when there is Much Demand for Banana. Normally several Farmers are plating during June-July. The  Crop Harvesting will be in the Mango Season, when there is no market for Banana and the Farmers will put into loss. Now you can go for the plantation NOW.Go ahead all the Best Bhayya.

for Vasudha Green Farms,
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