Funding farmers for Organic Cultivation

I have quite few friends who want to have organic produces, the problem is about getting the genuine produce.  Does anyone interested in grouping some farmers, fund them to grow vegetables for consumption?

no need to fund few of farmnest members already growing organic vegitables, millets, grams.  Please contact me about your requirement will connect to the producer to supply what you require or will arrange to grow the same.

Will call you tomorrow, please PM me your number.

Will call you tomorrow, please PM me your number.


Hello sir,

I have 12 acres of land with good water potential near Tituvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. There are so many other poor farmers nearby. The land is good and not cultivated for a long time. So, it will be truly organic produce. If you want to help us, we would produce whatever you want. My number is 9444398338. Please contact me or give your number.