From where I can get the organic fertilizers?

Hello all, my name is Emmanuel Katto, African Minerals and Mining Engineer expert from Uganda and I like to share about farming. I want to do organic farming in my farms in Kampala, Uganda and for that I need organic fertilizers, can anyone suggest me from where will I get the fertilizers?

Hi Emmanuel! Check out these options for organic fertilizers in Kampala:

Local suppliers:

  • Luyukandi Organic Fertilizers: They offer compost, vermicompost, and biochar (0750 185008).
  • Nutriplant Organic Fertilizer: They have various liquid and granular options (0703 760281).
  • Bio Bloom Uganda Limited: They provide compost and vermiwash (0782 692047).

Online platforms:

  • Jiji Uganda: Browse a wide range of organic fertilizers from different sellers (
  • Kampala Capital City Authority: Find Biochar Uganda Organics Ltd listed under their directory (

Bonus options:

  • Consider making your own compost: It’s cost-effective and allows you to customize the nutrient mix.
  • Contact local agricultural organizations or NGOs: They might have resources or recommendations for organic fertilizers.

I hope this helps Emmanuel! Feel free to ask if you have any further questions about organic farming in Kampala.