Fresh Dates Farming

I’ve been a silent spectator for the last one year or so and really appreciate the quality of the discussions and articles in this forum. Many thanks to Chandra and other senior members of this forum, for making the forum a valuable resource for both farmers and farming enthusiastic alike.

I have been considering some options regarding a commercially viable farming model, and have seen some articles and video footage regarding fresh date farming in Tamilnadu, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The farmers/entrepreneurs in these reports are all painting very rosy picture about the farming.

Does any one have any experience in Fresh Date farming? Request the members to post their views and share any experience they may have in this regard

The projections are as below (assuming 60plant/acre)


Plant cost = Rs.3000 to 3500/- per plant approx.
Plant maintenance/irrigation/overheads expenses up to first yield = Rs.6500/- approx.
Total Cost of plantation = 60 X (3500 + 6500) = Rs. 6,00,000/- (Rs. Six lakhs)


60 plants per acre@ 150-200kg/plant = 9000 – 12000kg/acre Price per kg = Rs.100 – 300/- per kg
Gross Average Income = 10500 X 200 = Rs.21,00,000/- (Rs.Twenty one lakhs)

Based on the report, the first yield will be 30-36months after planting for tissue culture date plants.


  1. First few years yield will be lower, starting with 40kg/plant in first year, progressively reaching to 200kg/plant.
  2. No reliable data available on the farm gate price of fresh dates.



Hi Seone,

Will share some experience from one of the farmer who had planted Bahri palm in about 50 Acres of land.

This was their 8th year.

to give you rough estimate.

total harvest of this season was about 1500 Q (1500 *100= 150000 KG )

Total revenue on Farm Gate Sale was about 70 lac
total expense was about 50 % of total sale about 35 Lac.

to give you comparision, last year they sold about 800 Q of produce. Technically, this is the first time they made money on this plantation, meaning they had been investing about 50 K per acer for last 7 years (could lesser in the initial years)

so you can see that, the rough estimation. its not all roasy picture, and needs lots of patience and investment.


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Many many thanks for furnishing very good and near truth information.