Frauds entered into this forum

This is regarding a Gir Cow offer being continuously placed by Members kindly be aware of this guy he seems to be a fraud.Just go through the details he has given
claiming it is his website,all the details have been cut and pasted from other websites.In addition to this I contacted him and inquired the prices and the no of cows that could be transported from Gujrath
to TamilNadu.His answer was 106 cows then again I wrote is he sure that 106 cows will be transported in a truck.He said sorry it was a typing error it is 100cows could be transported in a truck.The truth being only 6 cows with calves in a truck.So it is very clear this guy is fraud.Please take care


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Hello sir / madam

accept greetings from Mr Bashi,it is my pleasure to address the furum in respect of the allegation about my farm being a fraud,

Cattle rearing and managment doent only need high educated people but those who can be best in the field yes some of our workers are not well educated to presnt our humble buyers with the quality answer we are sorry for that .But to let you all know that sang tam farm shop is a license own farm with a regiater of shipping …we are sorry but we are 100% legit safe and secured .And from our law we transport from 6 to 12 in truck depending on trucks .And also we have a whatsapp number from our foreign prime owner please be inform …


Thanks for clarifying.

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