Forum improvement & betterment suggestions

Though I am a new member to the forum, I find based on my experience, the forum to be quite informative, and helpful in that the members & moderators give valuable advise and suggestions.

I have some feedback to give back that can improve the experience for the members, and at the same time, with the help of this thread I would request other members to add their ideas and suggestion to bring in more involvment and interaction among members and enrich this forum.

My two bits worth suggestion : I see on the tabs, one reading as ‘today’s post’. I think it is possible to have all unread post (depending on the date of the last visit - irrespective of log off from the member) all post to be collected under this tab, so that the members do not miss any post/threads.

Thanks for listening.

Dear Zen,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Did you try the link on top left (just under the Hello) that says Show unread posts since last visit
Was that what you were looking for?


It might help to have a chat room. People can login and exchange comments online in real time. Just a thought and I have not seen it on other forums.

Dear Chandra,

Thank you. Yes, that was exactly what I was looking for, and something that I have missed out completely. May I suggest that this tab be highlighted in bold so as to stand out and cry for attention.? Presently it seems to be in camaflouge. :wink:

Thank you once more.

Best regards,


Thanks nkjohri, chat is not hard to implement, but let us evaluate how well it fits into the forum.
All thoughts from everyone welcome.