"Forest Man of India" Can a single man create 1500 acres of Forest? This man did

I picked up this news from a magazine “Taranga” (in fact my cousin tipped me off to read it)

The article said: An individual from Assam in 1979 started creating a forest in 1500 acres of sandy barren land. when he was sixteen he saw few snakes died in sandy shores of the dried river. He approached forest dept reported this and sought guidance, they sarcastically laughed and gave few bamboo saplings, because he was pushing them so hard. He planted those and they grew vigorously. He started like this… Now nobody can tell it is a man made forest. Irony is poachers are harvesting his efforts. Even today forest dept is in same level of co-operation. This forest has perfect biodiversity rhinos, elephants, countless deers reside in this forest now.
He was awarded Padma Sri by President of India(in the same ceremony Amitabh Bachan was awarded) . and other many awards. ibnlive.com/news/india/full- … 37736.html (36th name in the list)

See below some of his videos.