For Critics of Sri. Subhash Palekar

This morning one of the article on Kannada news paper caught my attention, it was about biodiversity of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore campus.
Article had below points … F%E2%80%99

  1. 30 years back 1.5 hectares of land was allotted for a feasibility study of trees which grow exclusively in western ghats under the guidance of Bharath Ratna CNR Rao.
  2. 500 nos of 49 different verities trees were planted(now the number is 22000), result is now it has a micro climate of 2 degree less than the city.
  3. Ground water is available in subsurface i.e. 15-20 feet.
  4. Prior to plantation this land was filled with parthaenium, and other common bushes of Deccan plateau.
  5. The land is now covered with leaf litter, the result is soil is porous . (This is what Sri. Palekarji have been telling)

This is a live demo that mulching creates a porous soil and improves fertility and ground water. Please comment your views

Dear Sri sir,

You are very much correct Sri sir.

Undoubtedly Padmasri Palekarji ( 2nd padmasri receipant from agriculture sector in India) is a great personality,  in ZBNF the earth will be brought back to porous, ground water will be in 20 ft depth as you said but it take more years, like you said 30 years.

Here I want to mention once again that no doubt, natural farming is great ,but under some conditions.

It is good if the farmer is not having any immediate liabilities, and if low yield is not a matter, ( does not matter low yield). Quality in terms of taste and healthy , but can not compete in quality like size, high yield etc which can be in Organic farming, which is costlier than Natural farming and costlier than inorganic farming also but continuous high quality  yieds can be expected.

Organic produces, Quality in terms of healthy, it can be on par with Natural farming and high yields can be on par with inorganic farming.

I, opine that , either Govt of India and/or state govts should come forward and encourage Natural farmers by some means, pay huge incentives for some specific long periods, interest less loans etc. Then Natural farming can be profitable for farmers and in long run country will get benefits.

Pl think about my opinion and I will, if to be rectified my thoughts.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer.