Food Processing Assistance Needed - Mango, Guava, Tomato


I am Raj belonging to a family of traditional agriculturist and I am enthusiast about improving the agricultural aspects in the region of Kalahandi district of Orissa. I am planning to start up a food processing unit and we as a family acquire around 60 acres of land and can also form co-operatives of small and marginal farmers who can join us in producing the raw materials for the plant. We can startup with mango,guava and tomato processing as a initial phase and then can move into other produce. There are ample of Mango and Guava orchards in the village which are getting exploited in the local markets without fetching the owners their right price, In such a area if something like my idea blooms can help people get money and employment as well.
I am Biotechnologist by profession and I am keen to make this a dream project. Just need responses from people on how to startup and make it  a success.

Help me in the following below queries:

  1. Government agencies
  2. Finance and Subsidy
  3. Selling the End-Product under own brand or franchising it to big brands like Pepsico/Nestle/Unilever/ITC
  4. If someone has the set up and is flourishing the same business , please guide me through the business module.


Good proposal, Raj. I am merging two topics on the subject so that we have all the responses at one place. Thanks.

Hi Raj…

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