Fodder Cultivation Calculation

Currently I am reading a very good book on Dairy Farming. The very first chapter is a instant hit and I thought I should share it here for the benefit of fellow members…

Title of this book is “Business of Dairying” by Clarence B Lane. You would be surprised to know that this book was written almost a 100 years back.

I’ll post the cropped screen shots of the pages I wish to share here… There are total 9 pages and due to the attachment restrictions these pages will be divided in 3 posts.

P.S. I think Admin/Mods have the power to over ride this restrictions. If so please unify all the 9 pages in the first post for ease of fellow members.

[color=blue]Mod edit: posted the book (The Business of Dairying) to e books - link below[/color]

Thanks for sharing, prasham.

If this is 100 years old, I would think it is out of copyright (can you please confirm this). If so, we could add it as an ebook here: if you have a pdf.

I am not aware of the copyright issue. Give me your email address and I’ll send the file to you. Check it yourself and if you find suitable, post it.

This book is out of copyright. Uploaded to wiki ebooks section with credits to you.


Thanks Chandra…

BTW I am amazed after reading this book. It also has a chapter on Milking Machine.  :-[

Imagine the author has tested Milking Machine almost 100 years back while our average farmers/shepherds are almost unaware about this wonderful machine.

Very interesting that some of our farmers are a 100 years behind in some areas!


The complete book is available for download on the internet at the following site: … nerich.pdf



Yes, same book, a different copy.