Fodder Crops Using Rain Gun

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Rain in our area (Tumkur Dist, karnataka State, India) is playing an bad game with farmers. Since years its been difficult to get an average yield during rainy season. And underground water source is getting deeper and invisible day by day. Its been difficult to maintain the animals. So I have a plan, if any body has succeeded or experienced the situation, please guide me.

My neighbor farmer has sufficient water from the underground, he is providing me water for me for growing fodder Crops. i have a farm pond which can store of approx 50,000 lts water. I am planning to buy an Rain gun, 3 HP single phase motor and pump and grow fodder for my animals in an approx half acre. So if this idea works, suggest me the ways to implement and if any faults, suggest me the solutions. Thanks…

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u say 50,000(fifty thousand)ltr water capAcity,  3 HP motor will give raingun discharge radius of about 60-80 feets(depends on lot of factors like nozzle size, elevation of land from water source )

if water is scarce  why dont you go for drip irrigation?
-----you can enquire NETAFIM turboline
------Jain drip irrigations
go only for branded ones and authorized dealers, shop owners will convince you telling all sorts of fairy tales of some local product being used for decades and no problems–lies

for drip irrigation u might get subsidy also

you can \also consider hydroponic fodder cultivation

silage making

if you want to stick with raingun yes it can be used
we used it during summer for our napier and fodder jowar and we recieve good rainfall so not much of worry during monsoon


Dear khannae,

you are right he can go for sprinkler method or drip irrigation, as he is having good water storage capacity it will be better to go for sprinkler. because he is going for fodder crop the spacing will be very less, that’s my view.

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Dear maruti,
Lot of things involved in planning a rain gun system, like pressure, discharge in ltrs/hr and the other important thing is the dimension of the my opinion you better consult a technical person otherwise you may end up wasting your money,but as the other members said the drip irrigation system is not that complicated and you can go ahead on your own or can take help of the nearby farmer or local dealer…
          Wish you good luck…___prathap.


considering the points given by Maruti, still i suggest you to go for  sprinkler method. as it is not having that much of maintenance with respect to drip irrigation i have drip irrigation for my mango garden it is required so much attention. in  sprinkler method even non level land can be harvested.

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can any of you provide me with details of pros and cons of rain gun for irrigation use ? any pics or videos will be useful

I was thinking of using it for light irrigation every evening during summer time.


I had picked up a rain gun and experimented with it. Have not used in full fledged operations yet for various reasons. Why I picked it up (Pros and Cons).

i) Did not want to invest too much into a drip irrigation system.
ii) Was looking for a portable solution.

From my experiment so far…
i) I was able to find only one dealer for rain guns in Bangalore. fortunately he was a from a technical background and was able to advise me and give me proper advise.
ii) There are many models available. You can get a feel from Vedant water guns.
iii) These guns require a high pressure, though you can get away with low flow rates. sizing your water pump and delivery pipe network will be critical to success of the solution.

I had used rain gun
price: 4100 for the set
1 large area can be covered
maintainance is easy
operating is easy
suitable for fodder crops as sprinklers are not useful if crop height is high

cons relative
high pressure required
wind may imbalance area of water discharge