Flowering not started in moringa

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I had sown moringa odc variety seeds in polybags in DEc 2016 and in feb 2017 i had transplanted them in field.
Doing regular pruning after 25 days
Plants are in good health
Plants height is around 8 to 10 feets
Plants age is 8 months
Till now there is no flowering in the plants, is it normal or is there any concern, please advice.
at the time of sowing i was told by the consultant that it will start bearing fruits in 6 months.

forum members kindly share your suggestions on the same.

Hello, Can you confirm if you have you visited the previous threads on this topic and have those suggestions not helped?


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Thanks Psundaresh, i have visited the threads and will be applying ammonium sulphate, but is it normal that after 8 months the moringa has not flowered or something wrong.


Hi? cut the stem of the plant 3 feet above from ground,
Make use of leaves to sell in nearest market/gift them to friends. In worst case scinario, make use of all parts of the tree which chopped for mulching in other crops or even in the same field.
Provide 1kg urea + 1 kg Posporus mixing with farm yard menure and apply it about 3 feet way from the center trunk of the tree and irrigate with sufficient water. Menure should be applied in trench depth about 3 inches around the plant/tree and close with same soil of trench.
Allows 4 to 6 strong branches from the sprouts which will come within 2 -3 weeks.
After Again cut said 4-6 Branches after leaving about 1.5 to 2 length.
Allow 8 to 12 semi branches out of said 4-6 branches
Tto keep the tree within reachable height for easy harvesting of pods.
To protect the tree from heavy winds resulting breaking branches as they are very smooth.

To complete this process it may take about 1 to 2 months, within this process flowering will start.
Where is Photos of your trees?


Thank you Sir Mr.Lokendra During Rainy and Cool period there will not be Flowering. Though Flowers sprouts it will not give Fruits. However wait up to February. If not Flowering then we will see the Problem. We are having an E-Book on Moringa From Seed to Fruit which costs Rs.1000/ If interested Pl. Call. 9133498366.

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