Floriculture in India - can you guide me?

Hi Farmnest Folks,
I am doing a research study on Floriculture in India for a news publication. I would like to know some details of this sunrise industry from you, particularly those who are in Bangalore and Pune

[li]Is Floriculture still a sunrise industry in India despite all the problems with infrastructure costs like polyhouse, export licenses, and fluctuating market prices?

Is Bangalore the leader in growing cut flowers with long stem?

Does demand rise rapidly during Valentine’s day and collapse afterwards?

A recent study by ASSOCHAM claims that India world’s biggest rose grower. is that true?

Can growers rely on the domestic market if their produce is not export worthy?
Hope you will spare time to reply. If anyone can direct me to an expert in Bangalore or Pune, i could contact the person directly.

Hi Levine,

After attending the 4 day Polyhouse Training course and personally seeing the flower cultivation in Polyhouses, it is quite clear that floriculture can be practiced profitably. To answer your other question, unless you have couple of acres of flowers under cultivation, you do not have the produce capability to export directly. And yes, one can rely on the domestic market to be profitable even though the price of the flowers may vary greatly depending upon the demand which is based on the festive season/occassions.

I will later post the project cost and economics of flower cultivation for Farmnest members benefit that I got while attending the training.

The below is a report from the Indian Express which should clear many of your questions.

indianexpress.com/news/flori … m/909545/1



Hi Zen,
thank you very much for the information. I am still waiting for your floriculture pics to be uploaded. meanwhile, i have written a brief article about floriculture business in india for a website. i would like you to read and give feedback on the facts and thoughts.

caleidoscope.in/eco-ideaz/lo … sy-picture

Hi Levine,

Nice article I should say. You have a way with words…

Some points that I am commenting regards to the article.

  1. It is advised that flowers such as Gerbera or Carnations be grown first if new to polyhouse business. The reason is that these flowers are less demanding to grow and nurture compared to the diva of flowers - Roses. This was the unanimous opinion and advise of all the experts at the seminar.

  2. The polyhouses that we saw in/around Baramati were cultivated by traditional farmers, and not ‘agri businesses’ Most of the polyhouses were about 5-10 gunthas.

  3. Agri business however may be involved in importing seeds and saplings, and cultivating and selling the same to polyhouses. This is a high tech business, which requires large capital, infrastructure and expertise.

  4. Ramakrishna Karuturi may well be the world’s largest producer of Roses, having a 5% global market share. However most of his production comes from Keny and Ethopia. (More than 280 hectars of roses out of about 300 hectars) Rest of the production comes from their farms from outskirts of Bangalore.

  5. Pics. of flowers grown in polyhouses comming up.


Hi all,
I am planning to enter this business, a few direct questions in my mind are:

  1. What do is start cultivating on 4 acres of land?
  2. Where do i get the seeds from, quality grade, which brand of seeds?
  3. Where do i sell? are there any Domestic “mandies” for selling flowers?
  4. Suggest other good source to learn more about this business.