First time farmer trying Soilless/hydroponics and sharing experience and problem


I am software Engg. and want to connect with all the hydroponics/soilless grower to help each other. When I started 6 month ago I have never even touched a single seeds in my life. But at the time when I have studied about soilless farming I was very much attracted towards it as days past. In India it’s very hard to start any business because before you start any thing there are 95/100 will put you down. It was really hard for me to start soilless farming. As till now to whom ever people we have taken advice or suggestion we just got one reply it is not success in our area and don’t try it, it’s very expensive. But still we want to try and make our own mistake and learn and improve out of it. And I am sure there are many people who wanted to try and just giveup by some few peoples opinion.

We are base out of Navsari, Gujarat and want to try growing color capsicum in Coco peat for our first project. We have around 6000 Sq.ft rented land for year or two. For experiment and want to learn out of it. Around 2000 Plants we are planing to plant in this area.

Note: We are first time farmer and don’t have any past experience in growing any crop. For 6 to 8 month we have tried Roof Top Tomato on Coco peat and it was good experience. Also we don’t own any farm nor we are as farmer and neither we are rich.

Here are some detail about my project.

*s+Located at Navsari, Gujarat
*s+Project is around 6000 Sq.ft.
*s+We are using coco peat as growing medium.
*s+Growing bag
*s+Per bag around 5 kg or 10 kg coco peat this we still not sure.
*s+2000 Plants of Color Capsicum
*s+Fogger/Drip system
*s+Shed net with 50% density / Second hand Polyhouse
*s+Will be having R.O plant on field with Power backup / Solar Power[/ul]

We have talk to many farmer and agriculture university located near by most of them have not shown any interested as in past most of the Greenhouse project failed in this area. But still we want to find that problem and try to fix it as we think it’s not impossible task. Yet we know there are many problem waiting for us to come when we start but we take it as challenge and try to solve it.

So current plan is to track all the data every min like

*s+Temperature (Roof, Middle inside greenhouse, Bottom near plants root)
*s+Humanity of different parts of the greenhouse.
*s+Water flow and automatic fill water tank when it is empty
*s+Auto start drip every day for set amount of time.
*s+Auto start fan and pan in case temperature of greenhouse goes up to a limit.
*s+LED grow light for 18 hours of light. [/ul]

All the data which we are going to track will be viewed on mobile in realtime and saved on cloud server. So by this we think it will help us a lot and avoid any failure in project and in case if we fail this year then we will have data of last year and we may also know what all mistake we did in that time and try to improve it next year.

Just sharing my thought so if some one want to start soilless or any one who want to help other can discuss over here.

Attached my first 500 seeds pic.

Mikul Gohil


Very nice initiative , do update the progress , very much interested…

All the Very Best!!

Data is King! Good luck!

Where you able to get any info on why the other projects failed in the past?

Thanks I will be posting all the update over here.

Thanks, Yes Data is King and it’s going to be Interesting project.

Hi Mikul

Well done, brill your collecting data i’ll keep an eye on your inevitable expansion. Were looking into using a soilless growing medium called Hydrogel, however we require it on the roll not as granules, have you heard about or know anything about it?

all the best in your project


Great initiative…
Really inspiring
What is the status today?

You can hire cambrigde analytica(on lighter note)
Most of soilless agriculture fail in supplying proper nutrients
I had done very limited study(against 50 tomato plants 10plants each-for 5 study groups, all received similar care, temperature, watering)
I had used one nutrient liquid procured from bangalore for tomato
Other 4 I prepared myself with different combinations
Reasonable growth with procured liquid
Unsatisfactory with 3 of my preparations
One preparation was just ok
Go through israeli websites they may have some success clues

What is the gurantee that procured and yoyr blended nutrients have xorrect composition and u have used it correctly give all the details here

There are lods of factors apart of nutrient solution to make a project success… which part you missed no one is sure here.

Most of the people who says soilless is fail are who treata hydroponica as soil growing and make miatakea.

Post all the details here i will provide input based on that.