Figs dropping of before maturing

My fig trees in my farm in Badlapur, Thane distt. Maharashtra has started yielding fruits. All the branches are lined with fruits. But the fruits drop off before they become big or mature. Can someone help? What could be reason for this?

Lack of potash or not sufficeint nutrients or pest attack, you need say if you see any syptoms on the fruits or the at nodules of the fruit and branch to understand further.

It may be lack of potash or lack of boron. Consult your local horticultural officer.

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When you ask an answer you problem, plse give the agromical practices you have done. Any way you follow the recommendation
19:19:19- 500 gm + calcium nitrate -500 gm +Micronutrient powder -100 gm in 200 lits water spray

after 10 days  Planofix -100 ml + Urea -500 gm + sulphur -200 gm/200 lits water spray
if nutrion problem is there it can be corrected with this.

If sucking pests are there  use Imidacloprid-40m /200 lits water
Plse  check and follow the steps.
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D.S.sureshkumar,MSc(Ag.Biotech),PGDBM,PhD Scholar(Biotech)

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Plse follow the recommendation and keep  interest to quote the experience, same way you are

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