Fertilizer for Phosphorous

Dear Members,

Can you please suggest me which fertilizer is best to be used for phosphorous for cultivation of cauliflower, potato, onion and banana?
Is it DAP or SSP or any other?


If you get SSP in your area, then SSP is good choice. It doesnt do any harm to soil as it is made from organic sources.
DAP has additional Nitrogen but costwise, SSP and DAP come to same I suppose if you look at phosporus content.


Thk you Bhayya,
If  you are Going for Organic Farming better to Go for Single Super Phosphate  which is non Harmful o the soil as our Brother Suggests moreover it will be Consumed by Plants to a Larger extent.  Before going  for this SSP it is better to go for Soil sample of  your Land  for using the Quantity by an expert Advise based on the soil Sample results because the SSP is expensive.

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Vasudha Green Farms,

also use phosphobacteria . its application will increase the availability of  p  for the plants