Fertilizer for home garden fruit plants

Have a papaya plant at home (not sure which variety, gifted by someone) It is about 7 feet tall, planted about 6-8 ago. growth has been slow. First set of flowers and few small fruit seen, lately these small fruits are dropping - I do not add much in way of fetilizers, but would like give some now - any help with what fertizer to add for good fruit development - one other problem or point is that being a home garden - mango, papaya, gauva, lemon/lime, curry leaf, ramphal, big lime(narinji) all planted in a line about 2-3 distance from each other. so kindly do let me know of anything I can do to help this poor plants to give good fruits sorry forgot to add banana (cooking type) which gives out  lot of suckers but not fruit.
Added to this are neighbours plants that have similar number of trees.
thanks for the help and advice

Hi Madhavi,
I am Dr.A.Rajyalakshmi from Hyderabad.We have developed a product which will increase yield of crop plants.It is applicable to papaya,banana,and other vegetables and fruits.You can contact me on 9032006577.
Soil Boost-2.ppt (2.49 MB)

Hi Rajyalakshmi,

Could you please detail out what this product is and how it works? The ppt you have attached does not talk about the formulation or mode of action.