Fertigation Unit - Setup, Drawings, Benefits and Notes


Continuing to post ppt regards to presentation provided by KVK, Baramati. This one pertains to Fertigation Unit - Setup, Drawings, Benefits and Notes. (I have deleted slides pertaining to fertigation setups for floriculture in Polyhouse to reduce the file size. Will post the same later)

Trust this is of help to members.

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Fertigation Unit1.ppt (1.32 MB)

thank you Sir,
Thank you Very Much for Your Contribution to our Farmnest Members.

Kindly inform us the Procedure for Constructing and the Cost of the Unit.
For How many acres it can be used. Kindly send mail to me all the Images and cost detailsĀ  on
vasudhagreenfarms@gmail.com Ph09133498366

Thanks indeed Mr. Zen.
How does it compare with the Bio-digester(or Jeevanrutha) with respect to maintenance, chemical composition of the fermented output ?


I am only sharing for members benefit the material received at KVK. Maybe some Farmnest members may be able to answer your question.



There are lot of people using ventury system(shown in PPT) to inject jeevmritha to drip system. It is working absolutely fine.