Fertigation schedule for capsicum

Dear All,

Can anyone share capsicum fertigation schedule?
I got it in topic “growing capsicum in polyhouse” but quantities mentioned are not clear i mean  for how many plants and area that schedule was followed.
Viks kindly update on posted daily schedule.
As you said you are having organic schedule also if possible please share that.
I am attaching photo of my 45 days old plant i have given 19X19X19, humic acid and Mn till date but i feel its not growing properly.
Kindly suggest.

Sir did you  get  scheduled .

If not and you have any schedule  please  attached  here

Hi Viks
        I am so inspired by You. Please share the fertigation schedule for capsicum and please also share your experience of using bio pesticides instead of chemicals. which company fertilizers are better.

I got this schedule in some website.

But not fully clear, if anyone of you can understand the schedule, please comment…The first 10 fertilization is confusing to me.
fertigation_schd.xlsx (10.2 KB)