Fencing Needs, Types, Cost and Maintenance


This community discusses

  • Needs of fencing like to protect it from wild animals like Hogs, entry of animals like Goats, entry of
  • human and etc…
  • Varieties of Fencing like barbed/Chain/Live fencing etc…
  • Cost for establishing fencing for farm lands
  • Maintenance of Fencing for extended life, repairs and etc…


Hello, i want to fence my new project which is about 150 acres. I have adopted solar fencing in the past without giving live current, it worked out cheaper then.

Would anybody suggest what are the alternates to this and if any cost effective solutions are available.


Hi Vishwanath, First of all, you need to mention what type of crop, you are going to cultivate and also to make clear that which type of fencing you are looking for.

If it is possible, plant gliricidia sepum and related plant cuttings all along your existing fencing to have a live herd which will really help you in reducing cost of fencing. This fixes nitrogen and enriches soil. You can cut branches in to 1-1.5 feet and plant it along the existing fencing.




hi, my farming is in infancy me too have a similar concern and am advised to start planting sagargota and shikekai plants alternatively at 3 feet apart with seeds, suppose to stop every creature from a squirrel to an elephant, fence get ready in max of two years , plus income from shikekai also starts along with it, its long term but its for ever with no real maintenance required,


Where is your Land . If your Land is in Telangana or AP we can Guide You