Fence poles distance for barbed wire fence


Hello Everyone,
I have a very basic question. Im in the process of fencing off my land with barbed wire and stone pillars.
The people who are fencing it suggest the distance between poles to be 10 feet. They say that any further than that, then over a period of time, the wire will sag. As an experiment, I got a small piece fenced, some length with 10 ft distance between poles, and some distance with 12 feet. I cant see any difference and both look solid and secure.

I was thinking, that even in case the wire sags after some time, I can get it re-tightened.

The fence basically has 5 feet stone above ground, 6 lines of barbed wire running horizontal and then 2 lines which make a “X”. At all intersections, the “X” is fastened to the horizontal line with strong wire.

Any people here with experience in long standing fences, could you please give your suggestions ? Thank you.


I have it for 20ft in some places(the JCB broke in between poles) I got planted gliricidia stems of 4ft and u shaped nails. when the gliricidia becomes a big tree may be it is stronger than stone pillar.


Bhayya for having strong and durable Fencing the distance of stones should be at 8 Feet Distance and the IDEAL Length of Stones be 7 FEET If 7 Feet are not avilable at leat be 6 Feet and not 5 Feet. The Main Problem is that the Animals can be prevented even at 4 or 5 Feet length. But the Main Problem be with the MAN ANIMALS (Sorry). To prevent Jumping of Men the Length of Stones be 7 Feet is better. The Rows should be 6 Rows with TATA Wiron is better to prevent rust as well as it will not stretch as is of local wire.The support of Stones be kept at least at every 10 theh Stone and at every corner and at curved bends. Similarly between every pole a Diamond row also be needed…
If you want we will Provide you the Drawing if provide me the Lengths of FOUR Sides. Any way a Model Fencing is attached for your Consideration and for Guidence.

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Thank you Bhayya,

One More  in JPEG Format is attached.


Hello Friend,

Why cant you try to put a Live Fencing. I am not sure about the live fencing plants. It will be more cheaper than the Barbed wire. It will take some time to grow .


Satsmanick Bhayya  before making a Live Fencing there should be either Barbed Wire Fencing or with the Tree Branches having thick thorns. Without these things it may not be possible to safe-gourd the Live Fencing. Live Fencing needs some support until it Grows well. Hence it may not be possible to make live Fencing alone without putting a support Fencing said above.

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As per many peoples advice and my research also, live fence takes 2-3 years to build up. So for that duration at least , I will need the barbed wire fence. So going ahead with that currently.

Thank you everyone for your inputs.


If you want I will Provide you the design on providing of Four Dimensions of the Land.If you are in Hyderabad, I will entrust the skilled Labour on Turnkey basis sir.
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Am from Hyderabad… Have farm near Vikarabad… Am looking for fencing my 5.07 acre land.

Could u guide me on fencing n let know how much it may cost.


Thank you sir, for your interest on our Services.!

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**On providing dimensions of the Land we will Provide you the **

detailed Design and Estimation.

**Otherwise also we will provide the Tentative design and **



It’s 370 + 1200 + 465 + 1405 feet are the four sides of the land.

Total area is 5.07 acres.

Looking for barbed wire, stone fencing.

Look forward to best cost n advise for the same.



Where is the Location of your Land


good afternoon

plz ur mobile number, ur measurement is wrong , it’s nearly area is12.5 acres for ur measurement


My mistake… I gave another layout’s dimensions.