Feeding horsegram hay to cows

I would like to have views  on feeding the following to cows

  1. Feeding Horsegram hay after horsegram grains have been taken.
  2. Feeding Horsegram hay with pods which are not yet mature, basically sun dried hay with immature pods.

I would like to know pros and cons of the above feeding. The local people here believe that horsegram drops milk yield.
I dont know how since it is leguminous and should be perfect hay for calves, cow etc.

Please let me know if there is something I am missing.


If you feed more than 30% of animals regular food, animals get bloat. However this depends on metabolism of each animal.

Ok, got the point of feeding within limits, but which is better, the one without pods or with pods?
Also does it have any other sideeffect other than overfeeding issues?


If you maintain the ratio it is verygood, with pods also good. If you feed with pods you can cut down a portion of concentrate.

well niks asks almost same questions that i want to ask
similar minds :d :sunglasses: ::)
locals here too think horsegram will reduce milk yield

any sceintific light?