Feeding cost of CB cow

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What is the feeding cost of HF/Jersey cow of 20lts yield per day including Green, dry fodder and concentrates.

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About Rs 16 per liter of Milk


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That means for 20ltr milk yield cow, it 16rs x 20lt = 320Rs.
Pls calrify.



I mean production costs anywhere from 14-17 Rs per liter. Basic needs of a lactating HF cow is 30-35 kgs green fodder, 6-8 kgs Dry fodder and 3-6 Kgs of concentrate mix.

Concentrate feed costs about 13 rs/kg. The cost of green and dry fodder varies on where you are located. Typically, .5 rs per kg for green fodder and 2 Rs per kg for dry fodder.

Also note that on average HF cows yield about 4500-5000 lts of milk per lactation in 300 days. so effectively 15 ltrs a day. Now if you consider onset on next calving in 150 days 4500/450 = 10 ltrs per day in one full cycle i.e calf to calf. So run your number based on 450 days and not 300 days (usual mistake made by a lot)

Agri…what’s the calf to calf period?

If green fodder is cultivated???

You can grow your own greens if you have land. Thumb rule is 1 acre for every 5 cows.

Period from birth of one calf until the birth of the next calf.

:smiley: I meant what’s this period…how many months?

If greens are cultivated own, i  think the cost wont be Rs5/kg

.5 is not 5

Sir would you please explain how we reach to 450 figure please ?????

ideal calf to calf period is 360-380 days
calf is born–0 day
cow comes to heat – usually 21 days but cow needs to recover from previous calving stress so its better to give cow some time for recovery usually  60-70  days so inseminate after 60 days
pregnancy duration is  9 months 10 days
dry period of 2 months
so best management would be
inseminate around 90 days(3 months)

pregnancy period 9.5 months
stop milking by around 7th month
totally 360-380 days
in this you will have 300 days of milking and 2 months of dry period

gau mata ki jai ho

Hello Frnds

Agar Jan-2015 ko inseminate hue to July-2015 tak milk nikalte rehnge (Milking period 212 days)

Then after 7 month stop milking : Aug-2015 to Sep -2015 tak dry period

In Oct-2015 give calf …(Milking period 15 days)

In Nov- 2015 to Dec-2015 Fir milk nikalna start kar denge…(Milking Period 61 days)

Total milking period (212+15+61 = 288 Days)

Am i right?

Kindly share your view, This information is very important for me

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yes you are right @vishal