Feedback Needed: Chain Link Fencing Costs 2020

Dear All

I am looking for feedback on the below “Costs” and “Quantities” and “Product Specs” for installation of chain link fence in my farm. I am sure these details will be useful for others also. Thanks in advance.

Farm Perimeter: 1800 Feet,
Farm Area: 3 Acres
Requirement: Chain Link Fence of 5 feet Height, with 3 Barbed Wire Lines.

Cost = 270 Poles x Rs. 300 per Pole = Rs. 81000/-
Product Description = 7 Feet height
Quantity Calculation = 1 Pole for every 8 Ft (225) + 2 Support Poles per 10 Poles (45) = 270 Nos.

Cost = Rs. 3240 per Bundle x 6 Bundles = Rs. 19440/-
Product Description = 2.5 X 2.5 TATA WIRON Aayush Barbed Wire; 3 Wires in top, mid & bottom
Quantity Calculation = (1800 ft x 3 lines) = 5400 ft = 1646 Meters = 6 Bundles of 300 meters.

Cost = Rs. 3290 per Bundle x 36 Bundles = Rs. 118440/-
Product Description = TATA WIRON 3.0 mm 4X4 Mesh Size GI Chain Link; 5 ft. height and 50 ft. length
Quantity Calculation = (1800 feet / 50 feet per bundle) = 36 Bundles

Cost = Rs. 90 Kgs x 120/ Kg = Rs. 10800/-
Product Description = GI Binding Wire 16 Gauge, 100 GSM
Quantity Calculation = 90 Kgs

Cost = Rs. 130 per Pole x 275 Poles = Rs. 35100/-

Total Cost: Rs. 258,030/-

Cost/ Running Feet: Rs. 143/-
Cost/ Square Feet: Rs. 29/-
Cost/ No. of Pole: Rs. 938/-

Near Chennai–Stone poles cost 350 each and Chainlink–Different Thicknesses are available–I remember Buying for around 5000Rs a bundle

Labor cost for Chain link was almost same --Heard Barbed wire fixing labor costs were very high

Thanks for the feedback.

Cost of chainlink can be optimised with better alternatives. Suggest use 3.5mm non Tata and use roller brush and apply red oxide paint (very easy application with rollers) followed by oil paint of your colour. Chain link tends to loose strength at bottom portion . Protect it by painting.
Thickness above 3mm gives you better value for money and life cycle cost. Saves your money too. Think over it .
Stone poles are ideal at 6ft height max. Anything above make sure it’s thickness is good. Stone gets brittle on ageing. Consider concrete Rcc poles at same price bracket or lesser.

Also limit spacing of chainlink to 3’’ maximum.

Thanks a lot Chandan. I will look into this feedback. I was told stones have longer life than RCC poles. Hence I was looking at it. But thanks for the inputs.