Feedback about FarmNest member groups


Dear Farmer forum friends, It is a great thing we have a forum like Farmnest forum, which gives values to farmers and doing service to forum members free of cost.In depth i will write my opinions today evening. God bless the Administrator, Moderator and other executives of the farmnest forum.  g.p.rao, farmer,wellwisher of farming community and senior citizen.


Dear Farmer forum friends, please spare some of your valuable time for me and if I am correct pl share my views. Before joining in farmnest forum, I have joined in some other forum ( name mention may not be correct ) , which is also exclusive for farmers/Agriculturists. I was shocked when I noticed that brokers of lands,cows etc and traders of inputs are designated as PREMIUM MEMBERS and farmers are called as members, even though they are experts , with good capability/seniority and of very helping nature to the forum farming community. I brought it to the notice of the management and avised/requested them to call them also as PREMIUM MEMBERS or give some other name for their membership . They simply said that as they(brokers/traders etc) paid rs 2,000/- ( that time ) they are called as above. Then I said/argued, call them as trader member/broker member and call us as farmer member/senior farmer member etc. They did not agree,and told us to pay rs 2000/-, if you wants to be called as PREMIUM MEMBERS, even you are farmers. Some other members also supported me and argued with the forum management.,but invain.                                                                                                                                    In our Farmnest Forum we are called as farmnest member, farmnest senior member, farmnest hero even, without take a rupee even from us. It is a respect to us. Hatsoff to the Farmnest forum. g.p.rao, Farmer.


Thank you GP Rao Garu.!