Feeback Required for Controlling Blackgram Diseases and Pests

Dear Forum Members

We are currently cultivating Black Gram in our farm (Near Tenkasi, in Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu). We have sown VBN 4 variety black gram and it would be an organic cultivation. Black Gram is susceptible to pest attacks especially pod borers, aphids, bugs, white fly, etc and diseases like yellow mosaic, root rot, leaf blight & spots, rust, powdery mildew, etc

We are planning to use panchakavya, neem oil spray, diluted garlic as pesticides.

I will be interested to hear from members of the forum that have cultivated black gram on an organic cultivation process on their experiences in using organic fertilizers and in controlling diseases and pests and the natural formulations that have used

I look forward to receiving feedback


Dear sir,
I an from Nellore-Andhra.
We have the same problem what u have written in nov 2015 month due to unexpected continuous rainfall,i think u know well.
And we have sown 2 varyties of PU-31 and 787-lpg(Have taken from Scientist)which is newly introduced variety from Guntur scientists.
So we have sewed that new variety in 2.5 acres of land and given the good result of withstanding all the climatic conditions.
And fellow farmers are asking for the seeds-785…So u can try it for the next crop.785 Variety.