Farmpond size for 10 acres land


Sir i own 10 acres of land (black soil).we get rains in june /july and in october . Rains r not helpful to grow one crops also. So i want to dig farmpond. What should be the size of farmpond to irrigate 10 acres of crops like groundnut, bengal gram. Raingun /drip which is best



Hi Sudheer,

I am going to take the liberty to not directly provide you an answer but maybe help with all possible considerations.

Background: I have an eight acre farm which is part orchard and part dedicated to seasonal crops. I am currently growing guava, pomegranate, dragon fruit, moringa and crops like wheat, horse gram, lobia etc. I have a farm pond with approximate capacity of 55 lakhs spread over approximate 12 gunthas. Our region is quite dry and we rely heavily on this farm pond. I practice Palekar and Fukuoka’s natural farming methodology. The farm is still quite young though so water requirement will go up.


  1. You current crops may not be your choice in the long run but farm ponds are high capital investments. So do not plan considering only today’s requirements. I am pretty sure in the long run you will grow fruit crops as well as vegetables.

  2. You should consider other water requirements for trees on the boundary, live fencing, grass such as Elephant grass or Napier for silage etc.

  3. Are you considering live stock and allied businesses such as poultry, sheep rearing, animal husbandry? Water requirement will go up substantially.

  4. Are you thinking of a small scale processing/packaging unit? Account and/or provision for that as well.

I am not familiar with the weather pattern in your area, but you may need to consider worst case scenario of no water supply for say 3 months, 6 months etc. Work out the feasibility in terms of actual upfront capital outgo.

It may not be possible to park all the funds right away, but planning is the key.

You will literally have to calculate the water requirements per plant per acerage, duration of non-availability of water (from other sources) and then arrive at a figure. Provide a factor of safety considering evaporation losses ad voila - you have something to work with.

In due course, if you are planing to introduce fishes in this then it might make sense to meet the fisheries department to understand the pond dimensions. Subsidies are doled out depending on the adherence to department guidelines.

Hope this helps! Circle back if you need more info :smiley:

Almost forgot. To your second question - I shall say both. Over time, I am leaning on sprinkler system when practicing Palekar’s models. But that it my very personal opinion.


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Dear Sudheer,

You can look for a cave type pond, which is in practice in southern pattern of Karnataka from ages due to its many advantages like

  1. No cement/concrete reqd.
  2. Since its having a earthen cover, no evaporation loss
  3. Easy to be made with local manpower as no skilled labors reqd.
  4. You can store water how much you want and it will be collected by seepage
  5. It can be implemented in stages based on pro-requirement basis.
  6. Its a pure natural method and no harm to the environment and not much land reqd.
  7. Since its cheap compared any other methods, you can have more nors. in your farm at different locations. 29THKAREZ 2384115075_82d406750e
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Can you explain more about the cave pond or provide any link for the same?



It’s based on site specific solution. One has to investigate a probable location and it’s suitability.

You can contact me on
Oh. 95917 34327



If you want to go for Farm Pond for your 10 Acres Land you need a Pond of at least a Minimum of 1 Acre. Actually 1.50 Acres is most comfortable. it is depending upon the Rain fall in your area.This is only for Horticulture Crops through Drip Irrigation. You can get the Subsidy from Govt. in any State in India for Farm Pond and Drip.

All the Best go ahead with comfortable Farming which is Most Profitable Venture with full satisfaction comparing any Profession. .



This is a good Idea,but it is not workable for loose soil & silty soil.

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In loos / silt soil also it will work by making slop binds . Several places such Ponds are there.