FarmNest now has a Telegram group


We now have a telegram group and you can search within Telegram to join the group FarmNest
Alternatively use this link if you have Telegram installed on your mobile:
If you don’t have telegram, you will have to install it from your phone’s playstore.

Why Telegram? (and not Whatsapp etc.):
[li]Privacy: Your phone number is private when you join the group. A key reason to stay away from social groups was to protect member privacy[/li]
[li]Supergroup: a large group of 5000 is allowed[/li]
[li]Search and join: FarmNest is a public group on Telegram, simply search and join[/li][/ul]

When to use the website vs. Telegram group:
[li]Any info that is reusable and is relevant for a long time goes on the forum on the website[/li]
[li]Any ads go on the farmnest ads section of the website[/li]
[li]Quick short lived discussions go to Telegram. While history remains, it is not as easy as the forum to search and is not so helpful to someone who has the same question on another day. It is always preferable to post the information to the forum and post a link[/li][/ul]

Telegram group Etiquette:
[li]Only Agri related discussions and in English[/li]
[li]No greetings, chain mails, motivational/life messages, politics, religion, puzzles…[/li]
[li]No personal attacks[/li]
[li]You are responsible for your posts, we will have strict moderation just as on the forum [/li][/ul]


Cool, a long time pending thing done. With the shift of control from computer to mobile, this was inevitable at some point of time.

Way to go, need to see how well we adapt to the new technology


Hi, This is Raghu here. I just signed in to FarmNest. Interested to join Telegram group. Can I request admin of this group to invite me as well Pls. My email is and my number is 8095102349.


Welcome, I see you have joined by searching for Farmnest in telegram.


I also want to join telegram. My no 9677341409.


can someone pls add me on telegram - 9821325232 - thank you


Here is the link to join in Telegram group

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please add my num 9398808842