FarmNest is looking for qualified farm content writer freelancers


Farmnest would like to build the site wiki knowledgebase with farm information compiled from multiple sources, with help from freelance writers.

The ideal team member would be an agriculture graduate who is able to do some desk research to produce original content on agriculture, horticulture, dairy, poultry etc. FarmNest will pay a small amount to the writers based on the content volume.

Interested can email to support to receive full details and terms.



We are happy to announce that we now have built up a team of writers who will research and build agriculture related knowledgebase for us on the Wiki. Watch out for new pages that will be published on the wiki section continually.


Dear Dr Chandra sir,

I appreciate your innovative thinking. We, forum farmers, like minded, will also contribute and encourage the freelance agri/Horti qualified writers. Pl pool up money from us also. Of course it is for the benefit of the farming community.Pl inform us the bank a/c no, name and details, so that we immediately contribute voluntarily. Pl allow us also.

Hope the best for our forum.  g.p.rao,  farmer


Dear g.p.rao sir, thanks very much for your offer to join hands.
We are fine for now and will reach out to the community when support becomes necessary to progress.  :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


This is very good initiative Chandra, I many a times (on weekends) feel that I should jump in and do something but coming back to weekdays I understand my reality and keep.

I think this effort will go in helping the industry a good KnowledgeBase or Guide especially for the new agripenures


please count us also along with Mr.Rao, for this noble initiative


Dear Chandra,

Please count me in for any monetary donation for this effort if the need arises.



Dear Chandra,

It’s a good initiative and appreciate your efforts to bringing up this to all of us on a single forum.


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