FarmNest Farm of Fame Photo Contest Oct 2014 - Theme: My FarmNest

Vote any one or two entries:

The October 2014 FFF photo contest, has the theme ‘My FarmNest’.

For most of us having a farm, the farm is more than just a piece of land with crops or livestock - it is a ‘nest’ and the name ‘FarmNest’ comes from that thought. This contest is an opportunity to flaunt your farm pictures along with a writeup on what is special about it.

We will apply a slightly different approach to this contest:
[li]Provide a page or two of write-up about your farm along with 4 high resolution photos by email, to support. You can include details of the why-how-what of your farm along with details of what makes your farm special[/li]
[li]Post just the photos in a new post on this contest thread[/li]
[li]We will create a wiki page with the writeup and photos and then update your post with the link and details appropriately[/li][/ul]

Read additional details of these contests here first: The “FarmNest Farm of Fame” Photo Contests

Photos can be posted to the topic upto: 31-Dec-14
Poll/member voting opens: 1-Jan-15
Voting closes: 14-Jan-15

How to vote:
[li]Every member can vote for one or two members in the poll[/li]
[li]Select the names of the members whose posted pics and the writeup you like the most. There are no rules around what are the good pics - just pick what you like[/li]
[li]You cannot change your vote once posted[/li]
[li]Vote for the pictures, not the members[/li]
[li]You can vote for your own pics too[/li]
[li]Voting is anonymous and actual voters will not be shown[/li]
[li]Just remember this is for fun, nothing serious about it[/li][/ul]

Winner entry gets a token prize of Rs. 1000 and the runner up entry gets Rs. 750 :sunglasses:


See these photos.

This a model of Square Foot Garden combined with ZBNF and sustainable agricultural practices.

Thanks sadhu, and don’t forget the first bullet - email to support at this site name.

Dont see many posts, anyway like last year, attaching 4 pictures. Writeup and pictures emailed to support.
People, dont make it so easy for me to win :slight_smile:.


Mod Edit: Read the wiki page here:

Hi all attaching my farm few of moments:

Mod Edit: Read the wiki page here:

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Dear Chandra…which mail Id we have to communicate please. support@ is bouncing back.


Thank you, that is the id. I will PM you to understand why there is a bounce. Our mail server is very cautious about which email to take in! :slight_smile:

@Nikhil - Beautiful farm, cottage and doggie
@Kasturiraju - cows in your farm, picture is so peaceful. Beautiful peacock in your farm is something else!!

Thank you for sharing your pics.



Oh oh, just two qualifying entries! :frowning:
Extending the time frames a bit hoping to get some more - come on guys!

P.S. Read the wiki pages for the two entries - links in the member posts above

Voting is now open. Read the first post for details.

Niksnarayana farm has many new innovations at practice.

ThankQ for your post sir, I admire your work.

Chandra you are the best admin I have encountered recently, keep up ur good work.

Congrats niksnarayana and kasturiraju!
We will reach out to you for the prizes! :slight_smile:

Thank you sadhu for your (part) participation.