FarmNest Farm of Fame Photo Contest Oct 2012 - Theme: General Farming

Thanks to all for voting. Congrats hegdegg.

What about the prize?  :'( :wink: :smiley:


Another round of applause everyone!  ;D

Seriously, the token prizes are: first Rs. 750 and second Rs. 500.
Hegde and Nikhil - PM me your India based bank account details and holder names.

Just curious Chandra, where are you getting the resources from to run the site, hosting, and prize now? I know my friend who had great ideas in terms of websites but could not churn out revenue from it.

Good question!

This is self funded and the site is not my primary job.  :stuck_out_tongue:
Banner advertising covers some of the cost, but all said and done, it is not a huge running cost that I have not already factored for what I thought was going to be a useful initiative. As you know, it is a simple, lean, cost-efficient operation and some volunteering from members on the content moderation. The prizes as you see are not an all expenses paid return trip to an exotic holiday destination either, but just small tokens to retain the fun!  :wink:

Seriously Chandra, kudos to your enthusiasm and dedication to this cause! :slight_smile:

Looks like the prizes are not going to be claimed!  ::)

Can I claim on Hegde’s behalf?  :stuck_out_tongue:

Hegde won’t mind, right Hegde?

Too late, I claimed on hegde and nikhil’s behalf and partied too!

Excellent. I love the pictures. All the best My friend :sunglasses: