FarmNest Best of Natural Farms Contest June 2017 - win a prize!


FarmNest is running a contest to show case the best of Natural and Zero Budget Natural Farms. If you are a natural farming practitioner and believe you have a great farm, go ahead and post your farm details.

The best farm will be chosen based on member poll. The best farm gets a token prize of Rs. 1000 :smile:

How to participate:

  1. Create a new topic under ‘My Farm’ category
  2. Provide as much details on your farm as possible; suggested topics will be shown to you within the topic
  3. Add a few pictures from your farm
  4. Email support with a link to your topic and your interest to be part of the contest
  5. We will update this post with a poll and the list of entry topics
  6. Members can vote for the farm they like and at the end of the voting period, the best farm will be declared

Terms of the contest:

  1. The contest is for farmers to get a view of natural farm successes. This is just for fun
  2. Timelines:
  • Entry topics creation before 24-June-17
  • Voting 25-June-17 to 2-July-17
  • Declaration of best natural farm: 3-July-17
  1. We expect at least 4 farms to be in the contest for the prize to be given out. The prize amount will be sent electronically
  2. FarmNest may change the contest rules or withdraw the contest at any time without assigning any reasons. In case of any dispute, FarmNest Administrator’s decision will be final
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