Farming Videos

Starting a new thread for videos…as i did not find a exclusive video thread.

This link is lists all videos (50 …at the time of posting) of the maa tv show.  Unfortunately it does not have subtitles in english and is in telugu. … ature=plcp

This link contains all videos of various regions/languages in india

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Here is the link frm Digital Green website with more than 2600 videos in various languages.


Here is link to Kissan kerala videos  Its in malayalam.

One more link to hindi videos … ture=watch

A video on Sri Murahari rao by YFS … yfgbtSMUkM

(more detailed write up by YFS … ahari-rao/)

Digital Green is a site with some great relevant videos :slight_smile:

Here is video on No till farming…

or On youtube  …