Farming status - inheritance

Hi friends,

Here we go again… buying of farmland …

specific question…
My wife’s mother is a farmer … has a 7/12 in Maharashtra in her name.
If she buys a farmland, and then gives it to her daughter ie my wife, does my wife become a farmer automatically?
The next question is, can wife then give the farmland to my son, thereby making him a farmer?

Need your opinion on this.

Yes that is a proper legal route.  You can be farmer if your parents are.

Want this confirmed cause this is a mother to daughter to son kind of a route – sure this is ok?



To qualify as a Farmer in Maharashtra, one has to have at least 20 Gunthas i.e.1/2 acre of any type of
land classified as Agricultural land.This land may be situated anywhere in India.The land records provided
by the Revenue Dept. is sufficient proof. If the Land Extract is in any vernacular/local language, pl. have it
properly translated & attested by a Notary who is authorised by the Notary Act 1952 to translate/certify
translations. You are not required to submit any document to prove as to how you have came to own the
subject land. The land could be freshly purchased in a State which does not bar any individual from owning
Agri land OR could have been inherited from any family member or received as a Gift. For the record, I
had some .75 acre of land transferred in my name in Tamilnadu & submitted the translated land extract
to the Dist. Collector’s Office in Maharashtra for obtaining permission to buy a property governed as per
Section 32 & 43 of the Bombay Tenancy & Agricultural Lands Act 1948. 
The Dy. Collector asked for a translation done from Mumbai High Court. As this was only to harass me &
a delaying tactic, I asked him to give instructions in writing & also state that the Certificate/ Translation
done by the Notary is not acceptable. He asked me as to what I will cultivate on the 6 acre land, I told
him my plans in Marathi as any Farmer of the state who is passionate about Natural Farming would
narrate. Though he has no authority to ask any such questions, I answered him so that he becomes 
aware of Guruji Palekar Zero Budget Natural Farming methodology. He hurriedly put his signature
& granted the permission to buy the property.I got the land registered in my name.   

KS Raj

Hi Raj,
Can you please help me out for registrying as a farmer?
If there are any genuine agents please guide me through to become a registered farmer.


Dear Firends,
K.T.C. INTERNATIONAL provide the land FARMER CERTIFICATE by purchasing the land on the name of the party in Rajasthan. This work is 100% legal. We also provide the BUY BACK OPTION of the land purchased in your name in Rajasthan. Entire process takes about 30-45 day. Payment in part as the work in progress. We provide the document like original Registry copy, Jamabandhi (7/12 ) and Bhoomi Praman Patra ( farmer certificate). call us on 09998732033, 09426065076 or mail us at