Farming prospects

Dear sir… thank you for your valuable advice.
May I know sir, how much does it cost approximately? off course, it depends on labor and JCB work, for items like 500 or 1000mm sheet and shade to net.

I have another query to share… basically I am dental tech. runs a dental lab in my district town, and my village and farm is far of 28 kms…which I reach in 30-40mints in every weekends by car…and presently my parents are looking after of farming, they are traditional farmers… and my lab work starts from 12 pm daily and I will be having at least 3-4 hours free time in the morning, which I can spend in farm daily… now the query is after receiving professional training (planning to go for pune) in gerbera farming in polyhouse… making a setup at farm with good labor family and along with my parents…
Is can I manage the farming? I am in serious dilemma since I thought of gerbera farming?
And other side my present lab not liable for long time as depends few doctors, so I have to think of alternative income source in long run…  and I don’t mind to leave my present profession, if this farming runs well…
Advices and experiences welcome…I am in seriously dilemma as gerbera faming and poly house construction also very expensive to take chance…thank you all.