Farming options in western UP

i have 5 acre of land in western UP, in the bank of river ganga , 130 km from delhi
enough water availability, currently doing sugarcane
open for all type of ideas
pls suggest


ashutosh singh

[anyone to help me out

Hi, I am sure someone can reply if you have specific questions.

Dear Sri Ashutosh singh,

First, you are most welcome to our forum.

In one good area you have land. Pl do little survey in your locality, like what crops are grown, which crops are doing well, what is the market potentiality, demand, scarcity . What is your nature. can you be a full timer in the land, / occasional visitor. Your intrests in farming, ie type of crops,investment limitations etc.

On study of above, many of our senior forum farmers will try to render their suggestions and opinions. pl inform the forum.

All the best to you,  yours forum friend and farmer,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear mr. Rao
thanks for feedback
current we are doing sugarcane farming , but sugar factories are holding up the payment and govt is not revising the minimum purchase rate of sugarcane
so we are facing losses
we have enough water, and connected to delhi also ( only 120 km)
so we are thinking about alternatives either farming or animal husbandry
for that i need forum and seniors suggesting
soil is very fertile ( sand soil ) 5 km from ganga river
currently my father is doing farming and i am in job from lst 15 years,
now thinking to go back to our roots
have good infrastructure in terms of irrigation, equipments, and labour availability
so pls help me out

Dear Sri Ashutosh Singh, Upto my knowledge, your area will have cool winters,  may reach 5 degree C grade and hot summers, may reach above 48 degree Cgrade.

Hence I opine that you can better go for seasonal crops, vegetables, in open and/or climate control green houses, with Exotic vegetables crops. I heard that some are growing exotic vegetables, in UP, Haryana and delhi. Pl verify sir.

I once  again advise you to study the other progressive farmers crops, near by your fields, their crops pattern, study the benefits, and problems they are facing.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear Members,

I would like to seek your suggestions regarding setting up a polyhouse on my land in western up near Shamli district. I have around 16 acres of land where initially I would like to start with 1 acre of gerbera farming. I have 15 lacs of initial capital available along with water and electricity arrangements on my land, but since I am new to this area, I need your suggestions to determine the financial feasibility of this project provided Delhi being the only major flower market which is 135 km away from my place, so I am assuming that transport cost would be too high resulting in the higher input costs.

Also please suggest on the yearly labor cost (how many people would be needed and average salary) and how to source the labor for polyhouse projects.

It would be really helpful if someone can also suggest on the other additional input costs like fertilizers etc. as I would be in a better position to make up my mind and move to the next level of taking up training on this subject from Institute in Gharaunda.

I am also open to your valuable suggestions if you feel like I should start with some other flower/vegetable provided my geographical/market reach limitations.

Thanks much in advance!!

Aman R

Hello Members,

Please suggest on my above post.

Thank you!


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if you have harvested this season and ur land is empty only with stumps, this is the time you apply our fertilizers.  i assure you, you need not wait for more than a week after treating the soil.  you will have fresh growth within this time period and fast growth. we ave a demo farm in Hasanpur area, where wheat and sugarcane fields are under cultivation now.

the first time you use our products, we levy a consultation charge of rs 5000 per acre + Rs 20,000 materials per acre. once in two months you may have to treat your field depending on the growth of the plants but you will be more than compensated by increased yields by faster and healthier growth.

if you want to really shift cultivation, there are plenty of options available for more money at the same acreage.

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