Farming Opportunity in Ahmednagar District

Dear All,

Im new to this forum and this is my first post. I have about 30 acres of land about 15 kms from Shirdi. The soil is very fertile and availability of water from the Godavari river is a possibility. I am in the process of evaluating Poly Housing for coloured capsicum, cherry tomatoes etc on maybe 1 - 2 acres of land and open farming for Pomegranate on 10 acres of land.

Poly Housing:

  • what are the sort of rates one can expect to sell the coloured capsicum at considering that the closest market is Nashik (about 100 kms away) or the metros of Mumbai / Pune that are approx 200 - 250 kms aways with an average travel time of 5hrs

I want to know whether this is a profitable enough business to do (i stay and work in mumbai and would quit my job) and if not this (coloured capsicum and pomegranate), what other fruits or vegetables could one look at?


Polyhouse is more suitable for Gerbera, Rose cultivation etc. Coloured capscicum can be cultivated in Shednet also.