Farming - major challenges of the day and how can counter it?

Hello Gurus, and friends

after short break am back again. little disappointed still could not hand on a workable farm land and still search is going. hrr God has more plans and believe it can be materialized. I was for 25 days in my native in kerala and I could add some information and knowledge on farming and would like to share iwth you . We have aprx 5 acre land in kerala and majority is rubber hardly 1.5 acer left with nutmeg, banana, mahogany…etc and got an opportunity to do self farm labour and delighted.

As per the studies aprx 65% BPL population may be gradually uplifted to a middle class and their spending/consumption patters may be increased. So the demand for quality foods and consumable would increase but labour force also drastically reduce.  In kerala one unskilled labour is apx 600/day, maison and carpentor 1000/day. You would not beleive 1 iddly cost rs 6/peace and one porta rs 12/peace. reason high labour cost one porato maker takes 500 per 2-3hr job.

Same situation is reflecting in Tamilandu also 8am-1pm work cost rs 200 /and once minimum wages in prime ministor min employamenet program raise to Rs 240/day  ordinary labour cost to increase further.  BPL also get Rice and wheat at Rs 1 , almost free medical treatment and high exposure to liquir consumption. So cycle in labour’s social approach like

Do minimum labour works and earn good income
get cheaper food options like subsidized or free food items
Use maximum money in alcohol consumption and thus pay back to government who has given food subsidy
Get sick with unbalance life style, then  go for subsidized medical treatment
based on above cycle next generation do not go for traditional activities  and thus migrate to other job or service sectors.

So coming days are more worse in labor. availability.

I personally feel only those can personally indulge in farm labour work only should venture in farming and do maximum farm work self with the help of better and moden farm equipments. other wise in such high labour cost and worsening climate  changes farming may be a non sustaining thing for normal farmers exceptions are highly invested and ultra modern farming practices by big corporates.

Also priority for produce quality foods for own consumption must have more importance as same save us medical bills, and help to build a healthy life. Once we self sufficient in own farming activities better to venture for revenue generation. Self sufficiency in own farming it self generate revenue by money saved money earned. If every family try to generate all inputs for food in own land that would be a great achievements to our own and to the nation.

An integrated farm attached to our home may the target for each farm enthusiastic and let us discuss on how we can optimize with farm equipments.

looking for reviews and comments pls


Yes unless one is ready to work himself, farming is going to be impossible. Here working means smart working, not hard work. For ex, digging pit for every areca/coconut sapling will be hard work, which is almost impossible. But knowing that in nature no body digs pit for these palms, and hence planting them at the surface is smart work which we can do ourselves.

You are right.

In the past 1 week I have visited around 10 farmers, almost everyone follows ZBNF method and believe me they are making good money as they have a good yield with minimum effort.

They have no workers in their farms and they do all the work, thus cutting cost and riling less on others.

They appoint temporary labor for small work or for harvest only. Thus I feel this is the only way ahead.

Hi mathew,

  Very well articulated article. This is exactly what is happening today.

@subramanian.g.r : So finally you started your farming tour. Very good to here ZBSF people are making good revenue. Can you publish your findings.



Sure will. I am preparing it.

But The unemployed educated youth population is increasing and the urban population is also increasing .They ready to work for low wages in the towns not to work in their own farms or fields.
The girls are going for Rs22/per day work at retail shops and textile shops.The over employment causes the agri labours to struggling for their daily food that olden days.Now that over employment is in urban society make the corporate people to labour corruption.Becaz the educated youth all need for a white coller job ,make them all as slaves to the  corporate people.
    One of a IT company in a IT zone in south Tamilnadu call for interview more than 5000 boys and girls are gathered the Police come to control them after they in a long Que for more than 4 hours in open sun.The co offer them only Rs3000/ pm for 6 months.The MD of that company come on a AUDI car.This is the real thing in TN .Becaz of village economy fall this awkward position is happening.