Farming - free advice and paid advice

How many persons want to pay for the guidance?Search your soul and say.We Indians(“extra smart”- Big FOOLS) do not want to pay to our guides, who take away all our worries and makes us as successful role models amongst farmers.Regret to say we are selfish to the core AND FEEL HAPPY BY HOODWINKING our guides.Why should an expert provide his intellectual property to such ungrateful wretches.This is the precise reason for our fall.You can not get free advise to reap profits.The free advise is worth its value you paid for.

Iagree with you Dixith.most of People visit your farm to snatch instantly your sources.

Dear kasturiraju
We tend to forget that guru dakshina had been followed since ancient times.The concept aimed to be grateful to a teacher and pay him  towards  the intellectual property which he/she passed on to us after long long years of experiments in his/her field.I have found ungrateful insincere persons who do not feel like having any regards towards the guide cum adviser(guru).Peeved with this trend,I have stopped passing on intellectual experience to ungrateful persons.Let them fend for themselves and commit mistakes for years to learn.I feel shocked when people want to grow medicinal plants and various  crops at odd times,knowing nothing about crop pattern,its growing technique,its inter se distance,watering pattern,remedies against pests and buyers of their end products etc.After guiding people for years together I have realised I am in a wrong place surrounded by crooks,where knowledge is neither appreciated nor paid.People take you for granted here.That is precise reason knowledge ceases to exist in India.No where in the world we find such wicked third rated students.Some of the wicked people and failures of lifetime show scant regards towards guidance.I can name them but it is futile to agitate this issue.

Dear Dixit Sir,
  I would straight away want to ask u this. Are you talking about me?

Dear dixith,

I really appreciate you for expressing your frustrations.

we too face same situations, when people do such things.

what to do as you rightly said our people are more interested and intelligent indulge in these type of tactics rather than respect the experiences and open hearted peoples.

However, I recommend not to be so hard because of few peoples such behaviours or attitudes. Even one in hundred of such people, realise our experiences and suggestions and prove it …it’s great and proud to recognise ourselves with such person.

One thing is very clear, cut short roads winners are always losers on any day in one or the other way.

Never loose the heart, neglect/discard such instances or people and keep sharing with people…you don’t know which seed will grow as tree…so that don’ stop sowing  seeds.

all the best,

thanks and regards,


Dear Prash
Those are SOME GREAT specialists who are ungrateful,******.I have never passed any serious advise to you so please get rid of all such doubts from your mind that you are being discussed.It is your innocence and noble upbringing which sensed such thing,as if spoken against you.I pass so much knowledge to people casually without ever asking for any payment etc.Once I pass serious advise,I positively ask towards payment.It is those great persons who vanish from the scene when asked for.
Dear Kasturiraju,I have also felt that bad people will remain that way only.I forget about them and continue unhindered on my path to guide if some noble person seeks my advise like prash who,as per my experience and interaction with him, had been a gem of a person.

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I am sure you will overcome these type of peoples.  My query to you is which one is free from you and which ones are paid?  This will clear the problems later for your sources.

Do you upfront tell these people that you are a paid consultant? and How you directly/indirectly (politely) tell them?

Thank you Dikshit Sab,

Nothing is FREE in this world except Love and affection. On the Advise, if One is benefited should not bother/hesitate to make payment for the Consultancy.The Knowledge got is also with much expensive through Universities/ with vigorous efforts. If it is not out of Place to mention that I have spent more than Rs. 40,000/ for simply knowing the  characteristics/benefits/growth/sources/Income etc beside my energy,efforts time etc. Finally I go the pool-proof answer at TNAU,Coimbatore. Until such time I have not make a venture in advising to anybody. Now I am in a Position to advise on its Plantation with my little Knowledge. 

once i paid 5000 for an hour to an agri consultant,he spent 15 minutes offering tea and finishing it,then he showed me some plants he grew in glass containers in a room in his flat,he told me about soil less medium of growing plants,then finally spent last 15  minutes discussing actual topic for which i approached him.
when i offered him money for 15 minutes at the rate of 5000 per hour,he abused me.and middleman made me pay 5k.
he was so sharp that his one hour started the moment he opened his door.
in short,bad people are on both side of the coin,we need to look for positive things and keep moving on.
its always wise to pay for advice and save time and money experimenting and doing mistakes someone has already done.
a small gift can surely bring smile to the face of advice giver even when he is not charging for it.
on a consultant’s part,some small free advice will always keep relations healthy with clients.

the doctor to whome i take my kids for treatment of common health issues,sometimes send me back telling home remedies and not charging anything,he is the most popular doctor in my area,always busy :slight_smile:

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An advocate will charge you Rs 10,000/- ( minimum , I think ) for issuing a notice, that, after you have given him the whole story ! In urban India, doctors charge Rs 500/- and then ask you to do all the tests in the lab, when you shell out thousands for it, he then finally tells you, you are fine !
I have spent hours , visiting prospective farms, preparing drawings , countless discussions, in person and on the phone, and yet find reluctant payers and sometimes don’t get paid. Some , return with the produce , but we are forgotten over the years !!
I always believe that  plants are grateful , they will return your labor of love , some place, some time ! So keep on advising, you will grow along with the plant !