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Dear All,

I have setup of 5 acres Land in Andhra Pradesh - Anantha pur district , I have water three water wells (Bore) with total of more than 4 Inches of water. As of now my father is doing the cultivation like Ground nuts, sunglower and Corn.

I would like to proceed further and do some commercial cultivation.

I am looking for project report/Consulting advises or any suggestions from the people who has good exp in cultivation on what crops/cultivation i can do in my land, which one can give me good profits.

As of now i am planning to start with vegetables Like Beans , Carrot , bottle gourd etc… these are just my plans , i do not have any experience but i would encourage my parents to start these.

Please help me

I look forward to hear from you

Thank You Agri People

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Dear Ravi,

Being new to  agriculture, I suggest you to go for One acre of Greenhouse for growing colour capsicum, rose, gerbera, carnation or cucumber. there is good market in bangulure near to your place. And One acre of Shadenet for cultivation of carrot, cabbage, cauliflower and other Exotic vegetables under protected environment. There is 50% subsidy from AP State Horticulture department for fabrication of both greenhouse and shadenet.



Bhayya We are wishing you all the Best in your Future Endeavour,
Being NEW to the Farming don’t go for either Green House or Shade net Farming.
If you need Consultancy service we will Provide.
Kindly Call 9133498366 when you are Free after 8 PM. If you happened to Come to Hyderabad Pl meet me

Thank you With best Wishes,
MANNE.SN,B.Com.,LLB., for Vasudha Green Farms, 9133498366.

Dear Reddy,

I have tried calling you , there was no response. Is it okay if i can call you on your mobile ? Can you please let me know the suitable time.

Thanks for thrwoing some idea. I would like to talk to you

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Dear Ravi,

              Pl contact me at:


Dear Ravi,

Please read discussions below on green house, also keep a tab on cost of construction in below discussions … 6/#msg9896 … 3/#msg8523 … 8/#msg8668

[color=red]Green house farming is NO PART TIME farming.[/color] High level of managing/planning skill is needed.