Farmers' Organization fights ban on GM crop trials; favours chemical agriculture

Very interesting!

JP and Chengal sound so daft in their opinion that it should be left to scientists. who work purely based on who funds them. Just like the political parties work for the corporate who have supported them with funds.

Despite knowing the issues with endosulphan … the so called experts have urged supreme court to allow the sales of endosulphan manufacture.

They sound so knowledgeable but their support to GMO foods and Chemical farming shows their lack of it :frowning:

These great sounding experts talk about food security … but at what cost ? at the cost of  farmers lives? … with no minimal support pricing and with the increased input costs farmers are not able to support their life and these morons would like farmers to burn to death.

So, hopeless experts …

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This shows that people and organisations can be money minded / second fiddlers to rich bosses and uncaring for the general public / farmers and their health.
The only viable alternative is that responsible NGOs should educate and persuade the farmers to undertake natural farming and avoid GM seeds / chemicals , a kinda non-cooperation movement for GM seeds and chemicals .

Little surprised to see people like JP supporting Chemical farming. Scientists and Govt should not just look at the yield when comparing conventional farming with organic farming. Instead they should look at net returns per acre/hectar. We all know that the fundamental theory behind conventional farming is “factory style production” involving mono-crop instead of intercrop/multi layered farming practised in organic farming. In all most all of the so called studies that we have seen, no one talks abt the expense part in chemical farming. Since most of the Indian farmers are small or marginal in size, their argument does not make any sense at all.

There are several examples of real farmers who have turned into organic farming from conventional farming after the lesson learnt in hard way. As we know few state govt have started promoting Organic farming. Many western countries are promoting organic produce big time.
It is really pathetic to see that Govt is still supporting use of Endosulphan when we have living examples in the many villages of Kasargode.

Food security can be achieved only if Govt changes the policies and stop being corrupt instead of pushing for GMO/Chemical farming.
Why is it that we have failed to procure rice in many parts of India in timely manner! Why is it that the grains rot in Govt godowns when millions of people are starving! Why are we importing palm oil instead of supporting and promoting coconut oil! Why are sugarcane farmers in Maharashtra protesting!

The side effects of “Green Revolution” is obvious only now, after many years of practise. The same thing would happen in the case of GMO or any method that is not natural. It will be too late before we realise the full blown aftermath. If not us, the coming generations will suffer.

It is time for a change, but a change that is in a good way…


true Biju…

Opposite views from other farmers’ organizations: … ps/491474/ … ef=wl_home

All it depends on the Farmer to decide his crop selection. Some one wanted to grow cash crop, let them, if one wanted to live healthy in the universe, he should remember their elderly people way of sustainable farming. If you want more yeild, then you do something for  such high yield in such a way to get healthy food to live for full life. No one think about feeding whole world, just think about you and your family to live happy. Then the world will certainly change itself.

No one can dictate a farmer to grow a crop against the will of that farmer. Dear Farmer, think again and again whether you want to live with full life?
Taen eat healthy food, if you want healthy food then you are the right person to grow your own healthy food.

Now decision is up to one’s own choice.
First we should change our self without any others, they think about them self.
Nothing is stopping for me to grow my next years food including millet grains now from my own preserved seeds.
Iam self sufficient of my food for next one year. Are you trying for your healthy food?