Farmers in Hyderabad - fencing assistance

Hi Everyone,

New to this forum and also to farming. Would like to hear from experts here about useful suggestions, advices, tips etc.,

I bought 2 acres of land and still in early days of farming, trying to get people who can do fencing. Appreciate any pointers.


If you are buying wire from Ranigunj, the dealers can facilitate folks who can come over and do fencing at your site.
Alternatively, you should find fencing guys almost in every town in Telangana.


Thanks Chandra for your swift response.


I strongly suggest your should consider natural fencing, suitable to your area. There are many varieties of Bamboo available to act as a natural fence and also to deter any stray animals. If your area is very windy, then try Mehindi (Gorinta) Plants. Even Goats donot touch these plants and you will also get some income from these.

The barbed wire fence requires periodic maintenance and is prone to theft, if you dont have watch and ward at your place. If you are using barbed wire fence, get one with a thicker gauge wire and with the barb spacing of 3" or max 4". I find that Tata Viron, even though expensive by about 33% is a better choice, since the Zinc Coating lasts long - atleast double the life of ordinary GI.

Good luck.


Many thanks Kamesh garu, I will keep those pointers in mind.

What would be the cost for 1. 2 acres land if it is

  1. Barbed wire
  2. Chainlink Mesh

Hi Kamesh Garu

How can I protect my farm from monkeys??