Farmers are being neglected

Our Government is more interested in industrialization than the welfare of farmers. ours is basically an agro based country and there are many people living on farming. It is the duty of the government to create the facilities for marketing the produce , storage facilities transportation and creating sufficient cash as and when they require. But unfortunately none of these being attended and is selling the land to industrialists at a cheap price and farmers by all means are being neglected. surprisingly these neglected farmers are voting and electing these governments and these politicians are forgetting it and doing harm to these neglected community. This community is not realizing the fact and when elections come they vote again and again. Industries may create job opportunities. But we have to check how many are being displaced to create a few jobs.


You raise good points. Due to the artificial lowering the prices of food in the country, farmers do not get remunerative prices for the produce. In addition, most agri commodities are not allowed to be exported - essentially there is a disconnect with the international prices.

To add to it is the lack of facilities, lack of credit and the endless lines for procuring urea! Do you have any ideas on what should be done?

Yes, Farmers are neglected by them self to know the benefits from mother earth and going here and their.
Nowadays, people including farmers are not doing their justification to cultivate the land for livelihood, instead going to work some ones under i.e. job (Just Obeying Boss).

Happiness or Money will not easily either in the job/business/agriculture or from any other activity. But the person in that field should invest his hard ans smart efforts to achieve success and than money and other things follow such achievers.

Farmers should realize how best they can, then they should encourage them self to achieve productivity. Once they achieve productivity, then they feel good.

A Farmer should have knowledge of the world around him first and invest smartly to get produce from his farm. If a farmer understands market demands than he can produce the product which has got very good demand and he can get good value for it. Farmers had knowledge of production of healthy food, storage, transportation and marketing technicals before government rules was started. But they have not practiced and upgraded their knowledge for their self dependency, instead started depending on government, others leaded the present result which addressing now.

We should not depend some one including Government for whole, dependency should for some extent. But not for all.
Government is helping by giving education, power, subsidy, advise, transportation, market felicity etc to public in general including Farmers. It may required further more only for self dependency of people in general including Farmers and not for selfless dependency.

Unless and until a farmer may not understand the world, he cannot compit with world with his product. Farmers are succeeded who adopted changes in their attitude and activities and than succeeded. Succeeded farmer will not offer sale of his fertile land to any one.

Finally, if any one knows him better first, than he can understand his surround world better to act smartly. Nothing is restricted us to achieve something better around us.

Farmers should understand that he is the creater of food for life and he should be great for providing food for all.