Farmer rights V/s Wild Animal rights

I have a citrus (Keenow) Orchid in about 15 acres in haryana. now BJP has come in power in haryana and GAU SURAKASHA SAMETI ( Save Cow Association) are mushrooming all over the state. i have RBT ( Reinforced barbed tape, commonly called razor wire) fencing.
Neel Gai ( Blue Bull) is a menace here and they destroy the crop. Nowthe District Collector/ magistrate under pressure from Rignt wing activists has ordered the removal of all such fences, in the interest of safety of wild animals.
If i were to do that my whole farm would be destroyed.
Is anyone aware of any High court/Supreme court judgement where The right to livelihood of a farmer has been upheld over and above a wild animals right to destroy my crop ?

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P.S.: And then the fuckers wonder why farmers commit suicide…

to be frank i am a vegan and personally i am a strong proponent of vegetarianism
but above all My India comes first
see how banning cow slaughtering has started affecting
it affects the backbone of India(farmers)
without proper planning ,implementing these “laws” will be “loss”

Hi Vivek,
    I dont think this has anything to do with recent gau raksha stuff . Neelgay is a wild animal which is protected by law overall india .
We too have menace of Neelgay, deers, wild pigs etc and we can always have fencing that do not kill these animals .
I have never seen any right/left activist making any noice for Neelgay, its protected just because its wild animal .
I think fellow farmers should communicate properly with administration . It will be silly of they force farmers to remove existing fence .