Farmer certificate question

I had purchased a plot of 561 land in mumbai in 2005,(without farmers certificate) registration, stamp duty etc.was done.  7/12 Extract is not in my name (due to some missing names).  If I now purchase agricultural land in Rajasthan and obtain a Farmer’s Certificate - can I then use this Farmer’s Certificate for my abovementioned land in Mumbai (Mumbai Talathi) inorder to regularise it ? And construct a Farmhouse ??


Dear Friend,
As you all know that the farmer of any state can purchase the agriculture land in Maharashtra. We provide these services from the Rajasthan state where citizen of Our country can purchase the agriculture land. On buying the 1 bigha land in Rajasthan the owner will become the farmer of that state and will be eligible for the farmer’s certificate then on.
I will provide you the following services which are as under.

You need to pay Rs. 80,000/- per person per file which includes all formalities.
To get Registry in favour of you or your said person.
POA stamp and write-up, Documentation cost, Writer cost, Department formalities, Photostats, my travel expenses and other miscellaneous expenses.
To get the documents endorsed by the department.
To get the entry in the gram panchayat.
To get the Jamabandhi ( 7/12), Bhoomi Praman Patra (Farmers Certificate) in your name singed by the Tehsildar.
Along with all documents you will be the owner of land which is 1600 sqm= 1936 sq yards=17424sqft of agriculture land will be owned in your name of one person only.
You need to send me the
1-- 3 pass port size photoes
2-- Id Proof attested by Notary. Bring original one with you.
3-- Residential Proof attested by Notary. Bring original one with you.

You need to come yourself.
If not possible to come in person then Send me the power of attorney for the purchase of land in Rajasthan in the favour of the person whom I suggest.

Feel free for the further communication.
Also let me know how many files you need to do.
Give me the following details;-

Personal details for the farmer status certificate.
Father’s name :- ________________________________
Surname :-______________________________________
Age :-________ Religion :-Caste :-______
Address as per the proof :- ___________________________________________________________________________

PAN CARD NO:-__________________ profession:-_________________________
Payment mode:-  cash/cheque.
Cheque No:-_______________ Bank and Branch:-_____________________
Date of issue:-_____________ Amount:-______________________

Attach the following documents along with the POA or come along with this document.
1— 3 pass port size photoes. 
2—Photo copy of residential address proof (Election card/ driving licence/addhar card/passport) any one from this.
3—PAN CARD photo copy.
You have to deliver  the document on following address or cut and stick on cover
HOLD AT OFFICE call to pick up.
MO:- 09998732033, 09426065076.

Dear Sir,
561 sqmt land may not get agriculture status registration in Maharashtra. You need the minimum agriculture land area as per the government norms. Other wise the land may not get transferred in your name. It is called tukada act. Which may not allow the fragmentation of land up to some level. kindly get the search about this act in your area and then proceed ahead. you may also send me the email for the free consultation on
we provide the following services also

Dear Friend,
As you are looking to buy the agriculture land in Maharashtra then you should first have the farmer’s certificate from any state of India. We provide this facility by purchasing 1600 sq mt = 1936 sq yards agriculture land from Rajasthan in your name and then we apply for the farmer certificate to the Tehsil office for the issuing the all related papers total charges in just Rs. 80,000. call me 09998732033, 09426065076 email :-

Any one want farmer certificate.
Become  100% legal Farmer for buying agriculture land anywhere in India,
without farmer certificate you can’t buy any agriculture land,

For more details contact Mr.Karna Mo. 9702738813

Hi Experts,

What are the other use of farmer certificate apart from buying the land? Is it also required if we want to set up some business like green house?

Thanks much!

Ankur Saini

Till my knowledge one needs farmers certificate to buy agricultural land in few states. If u plan to get in to any other agricultural activity u do not need that certificate. If u lease a farm/agri land from a farmer and start farming u would not need that certificate. But that would be called business and not agriculture and u will be taxed on the income.

But i always wanted to know that if i am doing farming on my land am i suppose to pay any kind of tax? Is there an income bracket or even if i earn any sum of amount in big numbers i am not liable to pay any kind of tax. Whats the tax scene in farming?

If u lease a farm/agri land from a farmer and start farming u would not need that certificate. But that would be called business and not agriculture and u will be taxed on the income.[/quote] This is NEWS to me. Will dig more and get back.

[quote="Prash"]Whats the tax scene in farming?[/quote] Is there any? i heard farming was all tax free. Do rich farmers pay tax? Please discuss more.

Cheers, naf :slight_smile:

These laws changes in every state. In Karnataka you cannot even lease agriland. To claim exemption you will need an RTC in your name.

Agri revenue also includes implements production, tools/fertilisers etc.

You can also approach AC and get his authorisation letter this other alternative for farmer certificate. Getting this letter depends on you convincing him.

Dear Rosario
Let me put you wise on this aspect. First of all there is no farmer certificate as has been circulated in Farmnest Forum by some crook and cheat.Pl do not fall prey to such predators .Had such certificate been essential,our illeterate farmers would have never got such farmer certificate.The requirement is to be a land holder farmer in any state to be treated as farmer in Maharashtra(peculiar conditions of the state).An act may be prospective or retrospective.If you get the status of farmer in any state, before purhasing land in Maharashtra you are prospectively eligible to be given the status of farmer.Then and only then you can purchase agricultural land in Maharashtra.You have done the reverse by purchasing land in Maharashtra first.Remember Amitabh Bachchan had purchased land in U.P. first and then purchased in Maharashtra.After purchasing land as non farmer in Maharashtra retrospectively(from back date)you can not be given the status of farmer.The solution is to transfer it to some honest farmer in Maharashtra and then after purchasing land in M.P(nearest state to Maharashtra to become a farmer)you again get the same land in Mumbai transferred in you name.Or vice versa sell off the land with profit.
7/12 Extract is essential.The record of various land holders for past 12 years shall also be required to understand clear title of the land.The missing name etc can not protect you or get your any bonafide title, till it is genuine.If  now you purchase agricultural land in Rajasthan and obtain a Farmer’s status(as bona fide farmer) you can not claim your previous wrong action(of purchasing land w/o being a farmer)  as valid.You have been given exact factual knowledge,now it is up to you whether you want to follow my advise or want to get entrapped in the snares of crooks and thugs to get cheated,fleeced and made a mocking stock while trying to get “farmer certificate”.No such certificate exists.(Advise taken from a legal professional-an advocate of good repute)

Hi sri,
If suppose,someone say my well wisher in MP or Rajashtaan gifts me some land say 20 gutha,and my name comes in their 7/12 now I purchase a land in Maharashtra and the verification done by MS state govt and after that verification I register the land in my name and then return the land back to my well wisher,will this work fully ? or any problem ?