Farmer Blogs from India

Hi Guys,

Out there on the net, there a a lot of websites and blogs by our fellow friends.

Some have ventured into farming quite early, some have done magic in their land, some have taken it as a way of life. Some from agriculture families and some others novice but biting into fantasy and passion.

Atleast these sites have been an inspiration to me. Either in their content or in their intent. But have gathered a lots of information, not to mention this great site itself. The Not sure whether some are already the forum members or not. So here goes my list, not in any order of preference. People knowing more such sites, please put their links here.

Guys keep adding to the list which you come across in farming… Ensure you do not add purely commercial NGO sites here.  >:(  >:(  Like some which charges horrendously for some 3 hrs of stupid seed saving courses  :astonished:  :astonished: etc. Forget about on site Organic training web sites  :-X  :'( 



Chandra, can you create a links section so that some of these sites can be put there. Sure they also would like to put in their links section.

going to acres wild on the 22nd of this month :slight_smile: for 8 nights, will try to post pictures

Hi Murali,

I created a wiki page ‘Best of the farm blogs’ quite sometime back with some of the sites you mentioned listed, but I just did not make it public yet in the ambition of writing a few lines on each - let me go look at it. I am aware techie2aggie, sundayfarmer and geekgardener are definitely FarmNest members.

Keep posting the links here and I will copy them to the wiki page.


Great, Chandra,

I will post as and when I came across, want other to put their discoveries also.

Hi Brijesh, 8 Nights, that costs a bomb  >:(  >:(  Company sponsored ?? Do post some pics of their farm house / guest house in detail.



unfortunately no, wife threatened to leave me if we did not go,  after she found that both of our LTA’s combined will enable us to go on this vacation

the stay is not expensive if you look at it, around 3000-3500 per night including breakfast and you also get a discount off season etc

will try to post pics and live updates as am taking along my laptop


Had my wify did this, I would have jumped the gun  ;D  ;D . best and cheapest way to off load the burden.  ;D No dont take it seriously, just joking, mine is not aware of this forum. so am safe as of now  :stuck_out_tongue: .

Yeah, this Rs 3500 per night, is giving me a lot of ideas, even if I fail as a farmer, still I can be rich. ;D  ;D But

I will add in addition to breakfast and food, Black Dog, 8 years and 12 years, some single malt like Glenvelet and the famous brothers, Romonov and Smironoff, and our wise Old monk ;D  ;D. to name a few. for those who stay long. Full bottles  ;D  ;D  ;D.

Do post some pics of the cottages / guest houses, Did see on the net, nice ones.



keep the topic in your mind and see for your self the disdain for learning.No NGO is blood sucker.These organisations are helping hands.Remember trial and hit technique is wasteful.It is better the trained person moves like a guided misile on to its target.NGO’S do simply this thing.It is in the interest of a person to learn rather than believe the words of a moderator and learn nothing in the bargain.
rc dixit

Dear mr dixit,

Thank you for your post, for the benefit of all members please could you clarify what exactly is that you are trying to convey? I do not see any reference to an NGO being put down on this topic or am i missing something here?


Not able to understand the above :astonished:  :astonished:  Sorry for that.  :frowning:  NGO sites references in this thread adds no value. 

NGO’s and consultants, I have my reservations on their operations  :-[  IMO, they lack the transparency in operations. This is my personal opinion, there may be some exceptions, but a majority are charity seekers  :'(  :'(



Ok, I think it is not fair to generalize all NGOs. I am going to edit the opening post.

Hi all,

I’m looking for names and links of farmer / agriculture related BLOGS based in India. Not websites or other information sources, but blogs on the lines listed below.

Profile: Ex-software engineer now growing timber and horticulture crops
Location: Sivaganga, Tamilnadu

[size=140]Agroforestry Blog[/size]
Profile: Scientific information related to Agroforestry
Location: Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu

If you know of more such blogs, please add to the list. - This is not a personal blog. But really interesting.

Hi Brejish,

Waiting for the photos :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi Brijesh,

Me too, waiting for the photos and also a nice and an honest write up on your stay there. And more on the place.


Murali KG

most of the information/s are not practical. when one enters the field, he experiences that all these blogs have no place in his work.
the practical person does not have any time to blog anywhere. this is the fact.

Old school of thought IMHO :smiley:
I would think the GenX farmers can multitask - in the field and on the screen. In my experience, the busiest and most productive people have the most time to spare!

Plus + to chandra,

If not for these guys, the internet would not have been what it is now.

Atleast in farmnest a lot of eye openers are there for us to see and to share.



I second Chandra too. It is guys like them (bloggers) who give newbies like us the confidence to act on our dreams and plans.Cynicism and pessimism are two of the greatest enemies of a wannabe farmer.
The act of planting a seed and waiting for nature to play its part is an act of faith.Optimism is inherent in farming  8)

Found this really useful information resource, particularly for North Indian farmers:


Particularly handy are sections on Optimum sowing time and seed rate of all kinds of crops and the section on Promissing new Varietes of Indian Crops.

Just came across another useful farmer blog.

Anusha Farms