Farm Vehicle - Scorpio - Four Wheelers for sale

Very tough vehicle to drive freely on any rough and hilly area of any agricultural farm site. We have to sell our Scorpio Four Wheelers vehicle at very reasonable price. The vehicle is very suitable for any type of Agriculture farm site. The vehicle is suitable to attach a appropriate carrier for transportation of farm inputs and products also

May i know what is the cost and where it is available and other details of the vechicle

For more details regarding our Scorpio- a four wheelers very suitable at any type of agricultural site anyone can contact the below given address in Gujarat after contacting by cellphone. The manufacturer is Mahinder company and model is 2012. We expect about Rs. 5 lakhs for our said good conditioned Scorpio. for more detail you are requested to contact by the below given cellphone number.
Ratilal Sudani
Bhoojalshree Geotech Consultant-Gujarat
Groundwater Exploration , Development and Management.
Anand, Gujarat
contact: 9978115968 9427382368

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