Farm pond with plastic film

Hi All,
    I was looking for a quick way to develope a large water storage and thought of using plastic film .
while searching I came across a useful link .

As per cost provided in artcile it is definitely cheaper than having cement tank but still looking at reliability and life a constructed tank looks better option.

Please go through the url if anybody is looking for such option.


Thanks for info…any more info on reliability

The Government gets empanelled contractors to perform this work and lay the plastic sheet.
The contractor has to guarantee the film and repair it free of cost for a certain number of years - 5 years if I remember correctly.

To Whom we have to Contact Regarding this Film .Can you Provide their Contact Information

    better way is to contact nearest KVK or Respective agri department who provided subsidy also .
Ideally this should be available in shops selling agri material .


In AP, these farm ponds are provided by the govt at a subsidised rate. Cost works out to around 4 lakhs for a 31m X 31m X 4m tank. The farmer is expected to pay 10% of the cost. Unfortunately due to the implementation practice, there are no funds and you might be lucky to get one if you have some connections.

I did some research on it and it is available at agri shops in Ranigunj. Cost for a 150ft X 150ft works out to about 2.5 lakhs. Excavation costs are not much, probably around 40-60 hours by a digging machine. It requires some amount of expertise to do heat welding ( which needs to be done on site) and normally the dealer provides the installation. The cost of storage comes down to about 10 ps per liter or something to that effect.

The same material is available from China and costs about 1.5 lakhs landed in hyderabad. There is no installation provided and you would have to do it yourself ( not recommended unless you have a thorough knowledge)


Here is an inspiring video about Farm pond. I request every member of this forum to watch it.
The link is

R Vasudevan

i have a artificial pond with geo membrane lining (75 lakh litre capacity). it was a pain for 2 years due to joint slip and punctures.
hopefully this year i will be able to utilize it to its capacity.

i had filed for subsidy since almost 2 years, but there are already lots of approvals pending before me. and the department doesnt have funds.

really makes me wonder what the government is upto… rs2/kf of rice, wheat, free houses to the poor, who would want to work on the farm??

the finishing of the pond is very critical, as even an inch of pointed stone can puncture it, considering the huge amount of weight/pressure it has to bear. and also the proper bonding of the geo-membrane sheet.